Monday, August 30, 2010

My DIY Project!

When my brother was a little boy (that little boy is now almost 26), he had a toy chest to hold all of his toy tractors & GI Joe soldiers.

In 2006, I decided to save this chest from the heat of the attic and give it a face lift. I changed it from a solid cherry wood color to white. I painted my initials and the quote, "Be young, be foolish, be happy," on it. 

From then on, it sat in my room at Mom & Dad's and held all of my high school keepsakes.

When I was home with the parents last week, I decided it was time for another makeover for this trusty chest.

I painted it espresso brown, which is the same color as my bedroom furniture at my place in Charleston.
After it dried, I sprayed it with a paint sealer.

I brought it back to Charleston with me & now use it to hold all of my purses.

Here are the final results!

While I was in my DIY-mode, I decided to organize all of my jewelry. My fashion jewelry had found its way into my fine jewelry box, so I needed to do something about that.
In the office-supply section of a dollar store, I found a wire/mesh pencil holder.
This is how I used it to organize my fashion jewelry:

Problem ... solved!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Remember when I said I was going to get my hair done a bit differently?
Instead of being super blonde like this:
I decided I wanted my hair to look more like this:


Ready to see the final result?
(Drum roll please!)
I'm very pleased with the results!


Have y'all heard of Swipely?

I'm trying to decide what I think about this site.
It's similar to Twitter.
You create an account & link it to you credit/debit card.
Then you find your friends on the site.
Whenever you make a purchase, it appears on your profile as, "Megan just swiped at Target."
It doesn't have a dollar amount & you can choose what swipes are shown on your profile.

Here's a screen shot of random Swipely member's "swipes."


First of all, I'd be weary about giving my debit card information to this website. Is that safe?
& really ... what's the point of it?
I don't think I could keep up with another social media website!

What do y'all think about this website?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today was the first day of my last year of college!
I can already hear Mom boo-hooing from the audience as I turn my tassel at graduation.
...and with the first day of class comes the FALL season! (well, almost.)

Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons because they call for complete wardrobe changes. 
Or, in South Carolina's case, Fall and Spring either call for the addition or the removal of a light sweater.
But either way, I'm super excited!
Here are some of my Fall must-haves:
fall 2010
Who watched the Miss Universe pageant last night?
The winner, Miss Mexico, was my pick to win from the very beginning.
 She is beyond gorgeous & the red gown was flawless.
 If I was her (her = Jimena Navarrete), I'd wear that gown every single day of my life.
Just sayin'.
& to wrap this post up...
"Shut the front door!"
As if my obsession with Rachel Zoe couldn't get any greater...
Rachel Zoe Barbies!!
The left one was designed by Rachel's hubby, Rodger, as an anniversary gift. Rachel designed the red carpet barbie, of course.
According to, "Zoe herself has been immortalized in Barbie form—complete with her signature flare jeans, Chanel boucle jacket and classic Hermes Birkin bag."

I might be the only 20-something with a weekly pill reminder and a brand new barbie doll...
but ya know,
I'm okay with that.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well ladies & gents, Spencer Pratt signed divorce papers last week (filed by Heidi).
Who ACTUALLY thought their marriage would last?
His pictures really do make my skin crawl. 

Supposedly he is going to write a tell-all book about his relationship with Heidi.
I'm sure that will be just as much of a hit as his "How to be Famous" self-help book.
Enough about him!
The Switch comes out tomorrow night!
I rarely go to the movies, but I made an exception for Eat, Pray, Love (well, and Sex & the City 2) and I might have to go see this new flick also!
I love Jennifer Aniston & Jason Bateman. I bet their on-screen chemistry is great!
Do any of y'all have plans to go see it?


Birthday pictures

A few posts ago, I promised to share some of my birthday pictures.
Here are a few of them!
Dinner at Oku
mmm, my sushi rolls!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Before I say anything else ... I have to ask:

What does this say about me?
Am I aging too quickly? Am I losing my memory?

Ok, I had to buy this weekly pill-keeper because I can never remember whether I've taken my vitamins or not! I have the worst memory in the world. Say what you will, but I'm loving this thing.


Yesterday I went to a "belated birthday" lunch with the boyf's mom.
I had the very best salad.
romaine. cucumbers. country ham. tomatoes. avocado. grilled shrimp. white cheddar. pecans. honey vinaigrette.
all chopped.
It was so light, yet so filling. The dressing, which was  blended in, wasn't lacking or excessive.

She gave me my birthday present.
What do y'all think it is??

This is a Debbie Brooks purse.
This designer's line was first picked up by Bendels on 5th & now her work is also sold in fine jewelry stores, among a long list of other retailers.

Taken from her website, here is a list of some of Brooks' many clientele:

Debbie has attracted an impressive list of clientele including, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Britney Spears, Renee Zellweger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Marisa Tomei, Patti LaBelle, and Nathan Lane. Her artworks and handbags have also been featured on CNN, The Today Show, CBS, ABD, Extra, Inside Edition, E Style, People Magazine, Lucky, Vive, Ocean Drive, and Hamptons Magazine. Her works can be found at art galleries, jewelry stores and boutiques.

My purse is a "Petit Sassy" and was custom-designed by Brandon's mom!
Leopard is my favorite print & the high heel is all too fitting! ...not to mention, the black leather smells luxurious!

This is the perfect little purse for a fancy dinner or event.
This is what I would keep in it:

in fancy purseFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

When I am not using it, it will sit on a shelf in my room because it is so cute!

Visit her website at:


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

Mom & I went to see Eat, Pray, Love today.
(Don't worry, I won't spoil anything.)

It was a great movie, although I think I had set my expectations too high.
It was very serious & the events progressed slowly.  I thought it would have had more exciting scenes & humor.
My final thoughts:
Julia Roberts was beautiful.
The food & culture were captivating.
I think everyone needs to find balance in life & this movie will inspire you to do it.
Ladies: leave the men at home & see this with your gals.
Who wants to go to Italy/India/Bali with me?

I thought I would end this post with my own version of "Eat, Pray, Love," & give all of you a deeper insight into my life.

Oh, do I love to eat.  Going out to eat is probably one of my favorite things to do!  Maybe it's just that I have a nice appreciation for being the one sitting at the table, as opposed to the waiter, since I used to be a server for what has felt like forever (actually, I did it for only two summers, but that's TOO LONG!).  

I try to be a really good eater during the week, but usually end up splurging on the weekends.
My major used to be Health Promotion and I really took an interest in my nutrition classes, which was reflected in my eating choices back then.
  Now, my major is communication and you know that they don't teach us about what we should & should not eat!

Here are some of my favorite "eats": 
sushi (y'all know this)
chicken salad wraps
french fries dipped in ranch dressing
pizza with spinach, mozzarella, & mushrooms
fettuccine alfredo
cookie dough

I come from a very strong Catholic family. 
I grew up in Catholic school.
   My family NEVER misses a Sunday mass
& therefore, I didn't either ... until I went to college.

Friends of mine that are regular church-goers aren't Catholic.
If I went to church with a protestant on a regular basis, my dad would fall over backwards.
Sometimes it's hard to go to church alone, but I've been doing it.

Lucky for me, Brandon (boyf), who grew up a protestant, said he would explore the Catholic faith with me.
He knows I won't marry him unless we are the same Christian denomination.
I want my children to see their Mommy & Daddy attending the same church, that way there is never any question as to what our faith is.
Yes, I'm a true believer that there are multiple paths, yet one destination, so I have nothing at all against different Christian denominations.  It's just that I've grown up with Catholic beliefs, & would like to keep it that way.

Now that Brandon has moved to Charleston, we can go to church together ... which is so great!

Ehh, enough typing... I'll just let pictures explain some of my many loves!

Hope everyone had a happy Sunday!
Megan Marie

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Long post to make up for my absence!

I had such a great birthdayweek!

I ate sushi three nights in a row.
Oku in Charleston has the best sushi that my sweet little taste buds have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I had a Godiva chocolate/espresso martini at the Market Pavillion Rooftop with the boyf. For $15 a pop, they have to be amazing, right?
view from the rooftop bar

Market Pavillion Rooftop Bar

Two of my very best friends came to visit me in Charleston.
I got a mani/pedi.
I ate the most delectable cupcake in the world.

In a week or so, I have a hair appointment...
Right now, my hair is blonder than it has ever been.
(That's my friend Jenna on the right!)
 I'm thinking of changing it to something like this:
Not a huge change, but hey! -baby steps! 

I want to do a quick product review.
A sales person at Ulta talked me into trying Fekkai Full Blown Volume Lifting Hairspray.  Directions say to spray it on the roots of towel-dried hair, & style as usual.  I have very fine hair & this is supposed to be a miracle worker in adding volume & thickness. 

I'm here to say that it is not worth the $23! It added zero volume in my hair & if anything, made it look oily.
I'm sticking with my Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus Volumizing Spray Mousse.  It has done the trick for four years now...

That's all for now...

ps. I'll post some of my birthday pictures on the blog as soon as I get copies of them (I didn't use my camera)!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I've had the busiest week & am officially EXHAUSTED.
I had two finals, one full day of work, two photoshoots, and a day of studying in the library for another exam.
...all while trying to fit in some tax free shopping!
Want to know my purchase?
oh Louis!
My new Speedy 30 was a birthday present to myself ... (three days early)

My photoshoots were both here in Charleston. One was for a local wedding gown designer. Here is one of the photos that the designer has released:

Dress: Kira Elizabeth   Photographer: Geoffrey Hobbs [Hilton Head Images]

Two of the photos will be featured in a magazine called, The Bridal Book (October issue).  The second shoot was this morning.  It was for the fashion portion of Oblique Magazine. The clothes were so unique & fashion forward.

Well, this little gal is ending the night on a big, comfy couch.  Meanwhile, Pretty Woman is playing on the tele. (It's definitely one of my all-time favorites!)


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guess what starts tomorrow!
South Carolina's Tax Free Weekend! 
Some say the savings aren't worth the crowd & mayhem that goes along with the tax-free weekend. 
I, on the other hand, like any excuse to shop & can deal with a crowd or two.

I heard that some states aren't offering the tax free weekends, as they had in the past.  
Those darn budget cuts! So, thank you, South Carolina, for conforming to my shopping needs.

Tonight is the premiere of The Real Housewives of DC. Who's excited??

I love all of the housewives, but my favorites are the ladies from Orange County & New York.  
I'm hoping the DC gals will follow suit!

That's all for now.