Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I've had the busiest week & am officially EXHAUSTED.
I had two finals, one full day of work, two photoshoots, and a day of studying in the library for another exam.
...all while trying to fit in some tax free shopping!
Want to know my purchase?
oh Louis!
My new Speedy 30 was a birthday present to myself ... (three days early)

My photoshoots were both here in Charleston. One was for a local wedding gown designer. Here is one of the photos that the designer has released:

Dress: Kira Elizabeth   Photographer: Geoffrey Hobbs [Hilton Head Images]

Two of the photos will be featured in a magazine called, The Bridal Book (October issue).  The second shoot was this morning.  It was for the fashion portion of Oblique Magazine. The clothes were so unique & fashion forward.

Well, this little gal is ending the night on a big, comfy couch.  Meanwhile, Pretty Woman is playing on the tele. (It's definitely one of my all-time favorites!)



  1. Your are gorgeous!!! Love the new bag!! Speedy 35 was my first Louis and I still adore it!!!

    Love the blog!!

  2. That picture is beautiful!! Congrats on the gift to self-I love my Damier Azur Speedy 30!!

  3. I bought myself an LV Speedy for my bday a few years ago... Best. Present. Ever.

    Cute blog btw! xo

  4. My speedy 35 is my absolute favorite bag.

    My boyfriend bought it for me so it's that much more special.

    Did you get the azur or the brown?


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