Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today was the first day of my last year of college!
I can already hear Mom boo-hooing from the audience as I turn my tassel at graduation.
...and with the first day of class comes the FALL season! (well, almost.)

Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons because they call for complete wardrobe changes. 
Or, in South Carolina's case, Fall and Spring either call for the addition or the removal of a light sweater.
But either way, I'm super excited!
Here are some of my Fall must-haves:
fall 2010
Who watched the Miss Universe pageant last night?
The winner, Miss Mexico, was my pick to win from the very beginning.
 She is beyond gorgeous & the red gown was flawless.
 If I was her (her = Jimena Navarrete), I'd wear that gown every single day of my life.
Just sayin'.
& to wrap this post up...
"Shut the front door!"
As if my obsession with Rachel Zoe couldn't get any greater...
Rachel Zoe Barbies!!
The left one was designed by Rachel's hubby, Rodger, as an anniversary gift. Rachel designed the red carpet barbie, of course.
According to Style.com, "Zoe herself has been immortalized in Barbie form—complete with her signature flare jeans, Chanel boucle jacket and classic Hermes Birkin bag."

I might be the only 20-something with a weekly pill reminder and a brand new barbie doll...
but ya know,
I'm okay with that.


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  1. I love your fall collage. There are so many wonderful things in it. That TB bag is the perfect transition bag, and I could even see the vest, sweater and boots all together. Essential Essie colors. Great job!


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