Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday {Five}

Navy blue has always been one of my favorite colors.  My room actually used to be painted navy blue & I loved the soothing atmosphere it created.
When I was on the treadmill today, circulating my thoughts, it hit me like a ton of bricks.
I really need a navy blue sofa.

Western Springs Living Room eclectic living room

Sex and the City - Carrie & Big's home - via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I seriously don't know what to think about this.
You've probably seen this photo making its way around Pinterest.
Do you congratulate the parents of these kiddos for a costume well done or shake your head in disapproval? (By the way, I just learned that the "smh" thing means "shaking my head."  I never knew why people would put those letters at the end of a tweet or Facebook post.)
All I can say is ....smh.

Brandon has been in Raleigh, NC all week for business, but is on his way back to Charleston right now.
To celebrate him being back ... and well, to celebrate that it's a day that ends in "y," we're going to our favorite restaurant, O-ku.

Until then, then is how my afternoon is looking...

I got off work a little early, so I was able to come home & enjoy this day the way any cold & dreary day should be treated... my robe and slippers, with a candle lit and Real Housewives on in the background.

Here are two OOTDs from yesterday and today.
Vest: J. Crew, Black Knit Top: Banana Republic, Jeggings: Similar here, Flats: Tory Burch

Sweater: Banana Republic, Scarf: TJ Maxx find, Jeggings: Similar here, Wedges: Similar wedge style Tory Burch

This weekend, we are going to Beaufort to attend their rotary club's oyster roast.  Brandon's mom plays a very active role in their rotary.  Personally, I can't think of a better way to give back to the community than to enjoy oysters!

I know oysters aren't for everyone, but these events are something I look forward to every year when there starts to be a chill in the air.  All of us Lowcountry folks take our oyster roasts pretty seriously!  I absolutely love the taste & the atmosphere -when everyone gathers around a table chucking away!

1, 2, and 3 via

What do you all have planned this weekend?


  1. Omg. I NEED a navy blue sofa. Seriously life changing the way you capture all the major moments with those photos. And LOVE the OOTDs. I think I own every piece :-)

  2. Love the navy blue.. and I had NO idea what SMH meant either.. so thanks for that LOL! I'm starting to feel like maybe I'm getting old and losing the lingo ;) I'm only 22... le sigh!

    Btw, there's a giveaway on my blog! Free jewelry! :)

  3. i love the navy blue couch idea! especially how it's styled in the third pic. and i love oysters too. i would eat them everyday if i could

  4. omg i love oysters.. in TN we eat them with crackers and hot sauce YUM!!!

  5. Um, I think I need a navy sofa! I've thought about recovering our occasional chair in a navy velvet now, Im really tempted to do it.

  6. Need a cute vest like that in that color! Also, def approve of your leopard scarf TJMaxx find!

  7. Love the ideas and pictures posted here. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love all of this. And super cute outfits!

  9. Where did you get your gold standing mirror? I have been on the hunt for one and came close to finding one at Homegoods, but it had a plain border and I like the details on the one you have. Great picts - thanks!

  10. I love the photo with your candle & white vase. Great OOTD shots!

  11. I am obsessed with your style!!

    Where did you get your purse? I think I'm gonna need that.

    Randomly came across your blog and am stalking you thinking, how did I not discover her before? And where is that mirror from??


  12. Navy blue has always been one of my favorite colors, both to wear and decorate with! Hope you had a great dinner! I love love oysters as well, especially oyster shooters!

  13. You must get a navy sofa! That Little Wayne costume is hillarious but also so wrong! Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Those costumes are hilarious! Not something I would ever, I mean EVER do, but I will totally laugh at someone else's ridiculousness! What is that little girl supposed to be, anyway?

  15. Love your blog! Adorable OOTD's


  16. Love your post! You received an award on my blog..


  17. love the navy blue couch and your cute little outfit posts!! adorable!!

    xx katie

  18. Thanks so much for clearing up "smh"...I had no clue either! Great post! :)
    -Sara at

  19. I live in Raleigh (although I wish I lived in Charleston!!) What was he doing here?!


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