Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

I was MIA yesterday because I juggled work and visiting my family, who was at MUSC for my grandmother's outpatient surgery.  I'm thankful that I work at MUSC, because I was able to be back and forth throughout the day.  Also, I'm happy to report that my Memie is at home recovering!  After work, I had ..wait for it... a work meeting. By the time I got home, I was exhausted & retreated to a bubble bath and re-runs of Sex & the City.  Point of all of this = no time for blogging.

I'm seriously lacking motivation for a theme for this post, so how about I just share some of the photos I've pinned recently on Pinterest?

Pumpkin Smoothie
This seriously makes my mouth water.

Hello, beautiful room that I would love to have in my house, only to not allow anyone to enter.

Something blue...

Oh, more pumpkin - I just can't help myself!
Baked pumpkin french toast, anyone?

Love this idea

Four Seasons Thailand.
Can you even imagine?

Loving this logo cuff by Tory Burch.

...and I have to end with this one. 
Melts my heart!



  1. ohhh that last picture is adorable!! I agree it's a total heart melter. That shadowbox with the keys in it is a great idea!! We are in our first house as a married couple, but we are wanting to move next year, and I of course I get sentimental about it. I'll definitely be keeping a copy of the key! thanks.

  2. Oh my word! How awesome would it be to have elephants in your face while relaxing! Amazing! :)

  3. I love the idea of framing the keys from past homes. That is from have a lot of cool ideas. I did one of their crafty things-a shadow box with faux butterflies. I'm also loving pumpkin right now- I got a yummy pancake mix from World Market the other day!! -e

  4. love that living room. my favorite part is the lucite coffee table. i did a sort of random post today too on my favorite things lately. would love for you to check it out :)

  5. Ahhh, I love it all! Thanks for sharing, especially the last pic! Happy Thursday!
    -Sara at

  6. what's your pintrest account? i would love to follow you!

  7. That bridal picture is absolutely amazing!

  8. I absolutely love reading Pinterest posts! You can find the best ideas by browsing through these gorgeous pictures.

  9. The something blue photo is too adorable!

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