Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Can't believe it's Monday already!

As you know, we had plans to go to O-ku on Friday night.  It was packed and definitely worth a bit of a wait, even with a reservation. 
This is what I wore...
(The flash made my jacket look extra shiny, but it has very matte, understated sequins in regular lighting!)
Sequin Jacket, Purple Top is Target (old),  Denim Leggings, Black Leather Booties (similar), Necklace, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag in Damier Ebene

Brandon was exhausted at dinner from working incredibly long hours in Raleigh all throughout the week, so we came home right afterwards to watch a movie.

I loved this movie!

On Saturday morning, Brandon and I ate cinammon rolls & later, went for a run in the gorgeous, sunny weather we had.  Figured we needed to run off the cinammon rolls and the white chocolate croissants we ate the night before!

Later that day, we went to Beaufort for the oyster roast I talked about on Friday's post.
It was cold, but way fun!

This is me with one of my best friends, Ryan.

Brandon and I were staying warm by the fire! 

(L to R) Brandon's dad and mom with their two best friends, Dave and Ginger.

In regards to Sunday morning, I think we were all thrilled to have an extra hour to sleep in!
We went to church & afterwards, Brandon, his parents, and I enjoyed brunch at
Blackstone's Cafe, which is located in Downtown Beaufort.

This restaurant has the most quaint, small town feel.  I love how their decorations make you feel as though you've stepped back in a time a bit.  Their food is delicious, too.
I had the shrimp & grits (YUM!).

photos via

When we got back to Charleston yesterday afternoon, we knew it was going to be another movie night.
This time, our selection was this...

I couldn't get enough of this movie!  It is definitely a recommendation ...especially coming from the girl that only watches comedies and chick flicks.

Glad to have this snack to go along with it.

No, this isn't just popcorn.

That's right, each piece of popcorn has been dipped in white chocolate!
(Don't stare at the ingredients too long because you're sure to find something unhealthy in there somewhere.)

This treat is from The Chocolate Tree in Beaufort.  Brandon's mom got us a couple boxes as a surprise, because she knows how much we love it. 

...and just for giggles, when I walked over to Brandon's house last night, this is how he and his buddies were watching TV.
Seems like the obvious television selection, right?
(they set up two TVs for football watching - so they can watch two games at once.)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


  1. it looks like y'all had a great weekend! i love that outfit - gorgeous!

  2. Great pictures. And I love how there's two tvs!

  3. Those shrimp and grits look DELICIOUS! I am officially craving them now. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. :)

  4. hilarious! glad you had a fun time - LOVED the sequin blazer.

  5. I love your sequin jacket! So cute! And I loved The Lincoln Lawyer too! Great movie! I still need to see Crazy Stupid Love.

    And that popcorn sounds delicious!!

  6. Loved your outfit! Looks like so much fun! :-)

  7. I've never had shrimp and grits but that looks pretty amazing. You always look so perfect, totally envious.

  8. I see you standing on that USC door mat. :) Those shrimp and grits look AMAZING and remind me that I haven't cooked them in a while. Must do that soon.

  9. I loved Crazy, Stupid, Love. Actually, I really LOVE Ryan Gosling! Perfection! :) I've always wanted to visit Charleston. I've heard that shrimp and grits is a must...coming from Alaska, I never thought it sounded that great, but it actually looks amazing!

  10. Ha I watched crazy stupid love this weekend also.. Very funny.. I think I developed a new crush for Ryan Gosling!

  11. loved the outfit! sounds like a fun weekend

  12. You always have the best weekends! I loved The Lincoln Lawyer as well...I need to watch that again soon.

  13. LOVE the outfit and can't wait to see those movies!!

  14. Loved your outfit! Looks like a fun weekend. The white chocolate popcorn sounds delicious!

  15. love your outfit..and white chocolate popcorn!! yumm!

  16. So much to comment on! I absolutely adore your outfit! So classy and fun. Oh my gosh the white chocolate croissants and popcorn sound beyond delicious!!

    The oyster roast seems like it'd be something I'd love and same for the little cafe! I'd love to find a place near me that has tons of character :)

  17. Love that jacket!! You look adorable!

  18. i watched the lincoln lawyer yesterday and i loved it!!

  19. What a fun weekend! That shrimp and grits looks DELISH and I really want to see both of those movies!

  20. i've been dying to see crazy stupid love. i adore all of the actors in that movie! maybe i can convince my man to watch it with me soon. thanks for sharing pics of all the yummy food.. making me hungry at 9 am!! haha

  21. what app did you use on those pictures, they are beautiful!

  22. I've had popcorn like that before and it was soooo yummy!


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