Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just a few thoughts...

...I'm convinced that a tasty Starbucks drink can make any day better.

...I just finished my last exam of my college career. Hello, working world! 

...As I'm sitting here in Starbucks, I'm witnessing Fire/EMS respond to an accident on the College of Charleston campus.  WHY do they move so slow in an emergency? 

...I meant to do a post yesterday, but felt funny all day.  I felt like someone was hanging me upside down and all of my blood was in my head. Dizzy, blurred vision ...can anyone give me a diagnosis? 

...I know greek yogurt is good for you because it's filled with protein, but I seriously had a hard time getting my overnight oats down this morning.  I usually make it with Light & Fit yogurt.  This greek stuff is like paste and I refuse to spend triple the amount of money on it.  

...I'm obsessing over the Sam Edelman Gigi sandal.

One in each color, please.

...I get my hair cut on Thursday. 

I'm thinking about a mix between these two styles:

...Big interview in a little over an hour. 
Prayers my way, please!

...Oh, have you seen Shasta's awesome giveaway?
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  1. This is seriously my most fav post of the day! Congrats on entering into the working world -- really, it's not that bad. In fact it's awesome... as long as you like your job!! I love Greek Yogurt. Buy it all the time. I only like vanilla though :) And..... I think you would look adorable with your hair cut into a long, layered bob -- pleaee do it and post pictures!! GOOD LUCK on the interview chica!

  2. OhMYGOODNESS. Love love love the hair! Can't wait to see that!

  3. If your symptoms continue, I'd def swing by the doc. Could be anything from an ear infection to diabetes to stress induced to low blood pressure... Cute blog. Good luck at the interview. -e

  4. Big fan of the JS hairstlye! Good Luck on your interview!

  5. You're gorgeous, those hairstyles are going to be so cute on you!! Hope your interview went well :)


  6. Ooo, interviews are always exciting. Lots of luck!!

  7. That haircut will look GREAT on you! Cant wait to see. Good luck on your interview!

  8. Ahhh! Those are the exact pics I brought with me when I chopped all my hair off. {12 inches...sad) I know it will look fab on you! Some of my older posts have pics when it was still short like that, now im trying to grow it out again and its in that awk middle stage! Fingers crossed for your interview! Im sure it will go great :)

  9. I just finished with my last class ever too! Good luck on the interview / career search!

  10. Good luck on the interview!! Congrats on being done with finals & classes :) CAn't wait to see the new hair!

  11. So...how did you hair turn out?


    PS: I just posted a new giveaway. A BOX of goodies from GERMANY, items hand picked for the winner. $100 value. Enter here: http://www.hotpinkcombatboots.com/2011/05/giveaway-surprise-package-from-germany.html

  12. New follower!! Loveee your blog!!!!
    Super jealous your done with school and wish the best of luck to you!!!

    About your last post!! I actually use to have a sugar glider!! Hahah.

    Feel free to check out my site:

  13. Good Luck and I bet your hair will be amazing!

  14. I get like that when I'm really dehydrated...and greek yogurt def takes some getting used too.

  15. I love those GiGi Sandals!!
    I still want to give you a makeover!!

  16. Your blog is too cute!
    I too believe in Starbucks, props to the person who opened the first one :)
    Love those shoes, especially the Zebra one!!

    Good luck in your interview and on deciding on a cut!! I just recently chopped mine off similar to the Heidi.


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