Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sugar Glider and Weekend Recap

...would you want one of these little guys as a pet?

I don't know about you ladies, but this isn't exactly something I'd want in my house.  Actually, I had never even heard of a Sugar Glider before today.  

That is, before Brandon and I saw a girl with one of these latched onto her forearm in the mall today.
It was weird.  But, I do have to admit that they are kind of cute. 
I still refused to touch it.

Apparently, it really liked Brandon because it basically leapt onto his arm.  

Look at Brandon's face!

Oh, the interesting sights you'll see at the mall. 

We went to North Charleston today after church to grab a bite to eat & run some shopping "errands."  I put that in quotations because shopping is never an errand for me, but it very much is for Brandon.  He needed a new white button-down from Brooks Brothers & I was excited to browse the JC Penney's mini-Sephora at the mall (which is such a teaser, by the way).

Speaking of Sephora, I've already read the reviews for the MANY Sephoras there are in NYC.  I'm looking forward to visiting my first stand-alone store next week while we're there! 

We also have plans to eat at Koi, go to the Chelsea Flower District, shop on 5th Avenue, stroll through Central Park, go out in the Meat Packing District, have frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, walk down Perry Street to see Carrie Bradshaw's SATC house, stroll through SoHo, and go to Mary Poppins & a Yankees game, as y'all know.  This is just what we've got figured out as of right now ...we're still adding to our list of "to-dos!" THANK YOU for all of your suggestions! 

Did y'all get to enjoy the pretty weather this weekend? We, at least, had gorgeous sun and fully took advantage of it by going out in the boat yesterday.  

Morris Island

Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.

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Cody and Me

Brandon and me!

We then took the boat to Red's Icehouse on Shem Creek! 

Shem Creek

It was a fun, beautiful day!

Why do I always work in reverse? Sorry about my organizational problems! 

But, Friday night we went to O-ku, as I told you, then went to Chais for dessert.  

It used to be a tapas restaurant, but was remodeled and is now a dessert bar.  The outdoor patio has such a fun, trendy atmosphere. I would recommend! 

Hope you all had wonderful weekends! 


  1. LOVE sugar gliders- I think they're so cute and exotic! looks like a gorgeous weekend.


    PS- You'll go nuts in Sephora, its like a candy store but better :)

  2. sugar gliders are soo cute!! I first heard of them in undergrad when someone brought one to a party and freaked everyone out!! and then also in one of my classes a girl brought hers to class and it just slept in her shirt the whole class period!

  3. Brandon's face in the sugar glider picture is priceless! And I'm so jealous of your day on the boat! I'm so busy this month that I probably won't get a chance to get out on the boat until Memorial Day weekend!

  4. Hahhaha his face, hilarious.
    I work in Times Square around the corner from Sephora - it's dangerous!

  5. You have to check out a stand alone Sephora...much better than the JCP version! Love all the boating pics...can't wait till it's warmer here in Chicago and we hit the beach.


  6. I just red Jess' comment and can't believe someone would bring it to class...I've never heard of them before!! I would probably freak out because I'm SUCH a girl when it comes to rodents, bugs, reptiles, etc!! Haha

    Looks like a fun weekend, girl!! I LOVE your dress; where is it from?

    So excited for your trip to NYC :) You could visit 12 times and still not see everything!!


  7. I just found your blog & follow you now! :) I am from NC, so not far at all!

  8. Chai's is a dessert bar now?? We haven't been in awhile, but I'm intrigued!

  9. Haha, Brandon's face is hilarious. I've heard of sugar gliders but didn't think people took them in public like that. Very strange.

  10. Hmm a dessert bar? Never heard of this wonderful thing! Your trip to NYC sounds perfect!

  11. Great restaurant that has the yummiest pizza in New York is called Serafina. It was in a lot of real housewives episodes. Don't forget to get a cupcake at Magnolia.

  12. I agree, the sephora in JC Penny is such a tease. You will LOVE the big mama store!

  13. where is your dress from?? so cute!!

  14. I have never even heard of a sugar glider!! I LOVE your brown & white patterned dress! :) You will love the full-blown Sephora. I've never seen a mini JCP version, but the big store...all you want and need :)


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