Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why I'm loving this day... & Whole Foods

Yes, ladies, I got my hair cut. 
I can't believe I went through with it. 
My hair was longer than it had ever been before! 

Here's a photo I took this morning. 

The bottom four to six inches were dead, ratty, split, and thin.  
It was time for a cut, for sure. 

I don't have a good picture of the final result YET, but here's one that I took once I got back in my car.

and further away...

It's so much healthier and fresh for the summer!

...but, I still can't believe that I did it. 
More photos to come soon.

By the way, I'm also loving the shoes I wore today, which are BCBG.
They instantly put me in a good mood.


I'm loving these little baby Muscovies that I saw on my walk around my neighborhood yesterday.

I didn't want to get too close, so you can't see all of them.  


I'm loving that I went to Whole Foods for the FIRST time today! 

After I got my hair cut, I needed to pick up lunch on the go since I needed to run some errands around town.  I was trying to think about which fast food would be the healthiest (or should I say, least fattening), when I remembered that I was about to pass right by Whole Foods! 

I didn't look around too much, just went straight to the deli section. I spoke to the lady behind the counter and asked which wrap she'd recommend.  I decided to go with a turkey wrap, which was a MONSTER, by the way.  While she was bagging it up for me, I let her know that this was my first time at Whole Foods.  

Well, bless her heart, because when she handed me the bag she said, "There's no charge today. Welcome to Whole Foods!" 

Well, hello to you too, free lunch! 

I literally could hang out in that store for hours. There was so much going on in there and I must go back ASAP.


I'm loving that I got to catch up on my book yesterday evening after the gym.  I walked straight out to the pool and laid in a lounge chair with my workout clothes still on.  The weather was perfect & the sun was still shining, even though it was about 7pm. 


I'm also loving that it's Cinco de Mayo, which gives me a fantastic excuse to indulge in mexican food!  Really, I don't ever need an excuse -mexican food is a big love of mine! 

If you partake in the festivities, have fun & be safe!


  1. OMG!!!! Its SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!! You are so brave, I can't do it!

  2. The new haircut is gorgeous! Very summery!!


  3. Your hair looks wonderful!!! I need a haircut myself. Isn't Whole Foods great?! I want to eat everything in there.

  4. I love it! Cute blue shirt, where is that from, I must have!

  5. LOVE your new hair cut! Looks so good. Whole Foods expensive (unless you are a baller like you and get it for free! Damn, girl!), but it's soooo GOOD! I love everything I've ever had there. Those shoes are so cute too. Great post!

  6. the hair cuts amazing!!!

  7. Love the cut! And you look so relaxed sitting by the pool!

  8. LOVE the hair!! The cut is great and the color looks good too!

    Yay for free lunches!

  9. Ok, love the new cut. I have long hair, probably a little longer than what yours was and I'm so chicken to cut it! I want to so bad! lol Did you regret it? Do you love it? Is it easy to style? It looks wonderful, btw!


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