Thursday, March 10, 2011

...why didn't I think of this?

I own a few of those eco-friendly grocery bags, but I always forget them at home when I go to the store.

They are so great to own since they are good to Mother Nature and hold more than a plastic bag, but, I guess if you leave them at home then they aren't much use are they?

The other day, I saw a blog post on Fly Through Our Window (the blog that inspired me to create one of my own!) about Reisenthel Easy Bags.

Imagine all of the plastic bags you could save over a lifetime from using these!

Check out the website here.



  1. Such a great idea! I try to always use canvas bags for my groceries, but manage to forget them most of the time...

  2. I have 4 reusable eco friendly grocery bags. Mine say OHIO STATE on them or CHICAGO BEARS AND CUBS! :) I do often forget them in my car, even if I place the dang things on the front seat! LOL the grocery people I'm sure, get a good laugh at me having to run back out my car to get them.

  3. These are GREAT...but, I'm guilty too of leaving my eco-friendly bags at home!! Maybe I should try just leaving them in my car????

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



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