Friday, March 11, 2011

Makeup Products Review: Foundation and Concealers

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

I was a bit hesitant to order this product because I have oily skin and this is a hydrating foundation.  After reading TONS of reviews online, I heard that it is completely fine for oily skin too, just as long as you set it well with powder.  

So after giving it a shot, here's the verdict.

This foundation makes your skin look PERFECT. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it seriously made my skin look better than I've ever seen before with any other product.  

It makes your skin look luminous.  Oh, and it has very full coverage.  Plus, you only need a very small amount to cover your face as it spreads quite easily.

Since it is full coverage, this is a foundation I personally use for night and any other occasions that I need to look more "made up."  The reason for this is that it helps me conserve some of the product, since it isn't cheap.  Also, pretty plain and simple ...I just like to use a lighter tinted moisturizer for day.  
This product doesn't have any SPF in it, which is yet another reason why I don't wear it for day.  But this is an even better reason why I prefer it for night.  I do NOT wear foundations that have SPF in them at night because of the Titanium Dioxide that is in SPF.  This is the ingredient that makes you look washed out in photos and under lights.  
Ever notice that you look a bit more ghostly than usual in photos taken with a flash? Chances are, it's because you're wearing a foundation that has SPF in it.  So that's why I stay away from SPF foundations at night know, just in case I have a paparazzi moment.  
In conclusion, I would recommend this product a MILLION times.  I did notice that it didn't look so great after lunch time when I wore it during the day.  The moisturizing qualities of the foundation didn't do so much for my oily skin after about five hours of wear, but that's to be expected with ANY foundation.  Nothing that can't be fixed with some blotting papers! 
By the way, I can wear either "Beige Ivory" or "Medium Ivory" in this foundation.  On the website, beige ivory looks lighter, but in real life, it's actually a little darker than the medium ivory. Those reference pictures are never accurate! 

The next product that I'm going to review is...
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

Boy, have I been on a search for the perfect concealer! 
Sadly, this isn't it.

I took this back to the makeup counter because it turned my under eye area an orange color.  I used my credit to buy the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer.

So in comparison...
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer vs. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
  • BB's concealer has warmer undertones than LM, which is what you need in covering dark blue-ish circles.
  • BB concealer has better coverage.
  • BB concealer costs the same as LM, but it has slightly more product. So hey, it's a better deal!

Sorry to put a spin on things, but there is yet another concealer that I recently purchased and like just as much, if not more than Bobbi Brown.
Benefit Bo-ing

 First of all, this concealer is cheaper than Bobbi Brown, and you get almost double the product. 
.06oz in Bobbi Brown vs. .1oz in Benefit
It is not quite as creamy as Bobbi Brown, but seriously looks no different once you've applied it to your under eye area.  

One day, I applied Bobbi Brown under one eye and Benefit under the other.  I wanted to see which one creased less and lasted the longest.

The winner is....

Benefit Boi-ing! 

*Be sure to apply a good bit of moisturizing eye cream before applying foundation/concealer.  Let it absorb for a few minutes before taking the next step.  You want your under eye area to look very moisturized and youthful, not cakey and creased!*

Hope my long, drawn out reviews have helped! 



  1. I've always wanted to know good ones with out spending the money! I almost bought boi-ing the other day! Now I probably will thank you :)

  2. i love laura mercier!!! i have the tinted moisturizer and i love it :) it feels so light and oh it is just perfect :)

  3. The absolute best undereye concealer I have EVER tried is the Bare Minerals "Well Rested." This was my SAVING GRACE as a new mom. Seriously amazing. I'm planning on getting some for my sister, who's having a baby girl in May. :)

  4. I LOVE the boi-ing concealer! I use it almost everyday.

  5. interesting, thanks for sharing! I've used the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and it's fab. It has spf and is nice and light :)

  6. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I've been needing a review JUST LIKE THIS!!!

  7. I love these makeup reviews!! I'm definitely going to try the foundation!

  8. I JUST bought Lancome EFFACERNES, Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer. I absolutely love it for under my eyes perfectly creamy and good coverage. Just a suggestion to keep in your back pocket! Great reviews by the way!

  9. Perfect skin? I'll take it! Your skin is so gorgeous and flawless :)

  10. I also adore Laura Mercier..and thanks so much for the tips!

  11. I agree about the Benefit concealer. I had some and I love it, but it dries my eyes out after a while, so I have to wear a lot of moisturizer under my eyes! I have Laura Mercier's moisturizing concealer and I love it!

  12. Love the Benefit shout out, Boi-ing is such a great product. I've been using it for almost a year now. Love that jazz... and I agree with Kristen, well rested is amazeeee also. I think you mentioned something awhile back about the Origins VitaZing, not sure if you have tried it yet but its the best product on the market. Give it a shot if you haven't, you won't be sawwy. =)

  13. You compelled me to go out and get the Benefit concealer - love it. Thanks for the research! :)


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