Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Miss America's Secret

One of the contestants in the pageant this past weekend informed me that Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan, wears a wig!
Just so you know, she has a full head of hair and doesn't have any type of sickness (as far as I know).  Apparently, she decided to wear a wig to give her hair a "break" from the damages of daily styling.

Watch this video!  Her wig is incredible! I had no idea that she wore one, and I've seen lots of pictures of her!

I might just have to take a trip to Florida to get one of my own ;)

Miss Scanlan was still Miss Nebraska when this video was filmed and had not yet won her national title.  Keep in mind that she is 17 years old, but she looks so mature and grown up.  Beautiful!

You go girl!

I think my hair needs a break, too.



  1. My BIGGEST fear is getting cancer and losing my hair. BIGGEST. I LOVE my hair it's one of the few things I NEVER dislike about myself ever!!! I can't believe she wears it kinda for fun in a sense.....craziness I tell ya!

  2. I can't believe she wears a wig! I wish I could wear one everyday so my hair would always look amazing!

  3. incredible! so crazy!
    i couldnt pull a wig off..not literally [you get what im saying ] :)

  4. I had NO IDEA that she wore a wig! It looks so real.

  5. I love her. Plus she's from my hometown in Nebraska!

  6. Zoe ma gawsh. Love it! But you know I lurve a weave!

  7. why can't Kim from RHOA wear wigs like THAT?!

    i bet her natural hair looks really cute short and curly. i wish we could see that fixed.

  8. Megan-

    I was at the Miss Charleston pageant (my sister, Val, was this past years winner giving up the crown)and I thought you were great! You should've won in my opinion ;)

    Just wanted to say hey on your blog. I started one recently, if you want to check it out.

    Good luck in any future pageants!


  9. Wow, I would have never been able to tell!!

  10. I already knew she wears a wig...and I think in all the appearances and in Miss America you can totally tell it's a wig - i don't know if it is the way she has been styling it or if she needs a new one, but i'm not a fan of it. In fact I just saw her picture in the local college paper and it still looks like a wig. I will say though, that in this video it looks much more like real hair and I like the styling better too.


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