Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wonderful Weekend.

Hello sweethearts! 

Today was a beautiful, chilly day! A lot better than yesterday ..we had disgusting weather, much like the couple days before that.

Brandon's dad's birthday was yesterday. His parents came to Charleston & spent the day with us.  Even though it was cold and rainy, we had a great time.  Brandon's Mom and I went to Barnes and Noble while B and his Daddy went to the gun range.  I found a few books that I want to purchase in the future.

...much like,

This book discusses the foods you should eat (& avoid!) to have the happiest mood.  I love that it's a nutrition book, but it's not solely about how to lose weight, it's about how to be a happy weight and be healthy in general.  It looks like a must read!

After the boys were finished with shooting guns at the range, we met up at the IMAX movie theater.  We saw The King's Speech.

This was a not a movie that I would have picked out on my own.  I usually go for light-hearted comedies.  But, I am so glad that we saw this because I absolutely loved it!

I'm not the best movie critic, but I will try my best.  This was a movie that anyone- young, old, men, and women could enjoy.  The acting was wonderful.  Plus, it was a history lesson within the entertainment.  (This movie is based on a true story.)  If you don't go see it in theaters, you should at least pick it up at the Redbox when it releases!

Later that night, we went to dinner & then we parted ways.  Brandon and I had a wonderful time with his parents.  They are such fun people! 


Brandon and I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous sun today, so we went downtown for a walk.  There are so many beautiful streets to walk along downtown, but somehow we ended up on King Street (where all the shops are!) 
...I may or may not have had something to do with that. 

Brandon is a great sport.  He will walk with me in all of my stores and is so patient! I'm so lucky to have a shopping wing-man, even though he may not enjoy it very much!

We went into BCBG & I spotted the cutest white dress.  I will need a white dress for graduation in May.  I think this one is a great option:

Don't you all think my tennis shoes are just fabulous with this dress?
Since I thought we were going for a walk across the bridge, I wore workout clothes.  Didn't take them off to try on clothes, although I think I made quite the fashion statement. 

After walking in a few stores, B and I went to 32 Degrees, a yogurt bar downtown! 

They have the most amazing yogurt flavors -snickerdoodle, vanilla, cookies & cream, pomegranate, birthday cake, mango, italian tart, strawberry ...and many others! They also have the widest selection of toppings -fruits, cereals, candy bars, gummy bears & other sugary sweets, fudge, brownie & cheesecake bites, etc! 

This sign shows the guilt-free goodness of the yogurt:

Here are our yogurts:

You all may think that mine is the one on the left, but you are wrong.  

This girl loves her sweets.  Brandon got double the yogurt than I did ...and I got double the toppings than he did (...or maybe quadruple the toppings).  

Here's how mine looked when I mixed it up:
See, there was some yogurt underneath there! 

I got cheesecake bites, white chocolate chips, kiwi, strawberries, chocolate waffle cone pieces, granola, and heath bar! 

Brandon doesn't like sweets very much, so his was boring. 


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the Super Bowl! I'm watching, even though I'm not an NFL fan.  I credit that to the fact that South/North Carolina doesn't have a good professional team. 

What did you all think of Christina Aguilera and Fergie? 



  1. I might have to check that book out! That dress is SO cute I'd seen it before and love it I hope you buy it! And I am not the biggest Fergie fan in the world I don't exactly think she exudes class..but hey, her husband is gooood lookin! Love the post!

  2. I love the white dress you found! That's a great option for graduation :) Sounds like y'all had a great weekend!

  3. I love 32 degrees! I think it's so much more fun to put the toppings on yourself.

    Cute dress!

  4. New here - hi! Love the blog name, so cute!

    I am interested in that book - so cool. Love love love that dress. And I could eat fro yo every day!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  5. love the dress! congrats on winning my contest again! would love to be featured on your blog list!
    xoxo Stylelista

  6. you look so good in that dress; I love the shape of it and design of lines. I'm definitely going to look up that book right now!

  7. love that dress! I hope you got it!

  8. Hey girl - just wanted you to know I gave you an award!

  9. Hey! I just started my first blog! I love all the wonderful things you have to say about fashion, healthy decisions [food/skin/etc.] You are the first person I followed. That yogurt looks so yummy!


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