Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday Night Fancies + Groupon Deal!

Today, I'm linking up with {av} at Long Distance Loving for Friday Fancies!

(This was supposed to have been done yesterday, but I ran out of time!) 

First of all, {av} has the most adorable blog all must visit! 

She started Friday Fancies as a way for any blogger to express what he/she would like to be wearing on Friday night.  It's a way to really dream about the most perfect outfit!

First of all, here is my reality for last night:
and, drumroll please ....

my Friday night fancy:

Oh, and before I go...
Here's a fantastic deal!

Right now, on Groupon, you can get a $20 gift certificate for only $10!
You only have a couple more days to get this deal, and there are limited quantities hurry!

This Groupon is valid at any Barnes & Noble (even though it says Charleston)'s valid online, too!

Snag your Groupon here!
(Just click "Featured Deal" on the top banner!)

Have a wonderful Saturday, beauties. 


  1. I love the black top and the turquoise jewelry you wore with it! Can you tell me where you got it?

  2. Such a pretty Friday night fancy outfit-I love everything about it! Perfectly put together.


  3. Oh my goodness, I am LOVING both outfits!!!

  4. Your reality outfit is pretty great! I love the color turquoise and your accessories are perfect with the outfit. The fancy outfit is gorgeous too and so ladylike. A Chanel bag with some David Yurman jewelry would make any girl feel special ;)

    I have got to get that Groupon. What an awesome deal!

  5. ohmygracious! you look absolutely beautiful in the outfit you did wear...and that outfit you dreamed up? it's positively heavenly! so glad you linked up :) {I added your link over on my blog!} hope you'll join up again soon! much love, my dear! {av}

    p.s. make sure you get your extra entry in my giveaway for doing a Friday's Fancies!

    p.p.s. your sweet words about my blog made my Saturday! thank you :)

  6. Found this post from {av}'s! You are absolutely adorable! I love your dream outfit and your outfit in reality!!

  7. love your outfits!
    and i love groupon!!

  8. Cute outfit! Love Fancy Friday!

    ... & Groupon! I bought an amazing yoga package a couple weeks ago! Amazing!

  9. Loving the reality outfit ... where did you find it ??

  10. Thank you! I got my top at Forever 21 and the jeans are Gap! The bracelet is from F21 too & the necklace was purchased at Belk a few years ago. They always have cute turquoise jewelry!

  11. LOVE your outfit! Def something I would wear out too! =) New to your blog + loving it so far! =) Can't wait to read more!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


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