Thursday, February 10, 2011

Highlights of March InStyle Mag

I'm in major need of a good yoga class ...this week has been a busy one.
I've had exams, work, a speech to give, meetings, class, gym, among other errands.  Let's just say that this girl needs a good night of sleep. 

Thank goodness I've had time to go to the gym to keep my head clear! I've really been taking advantage of the classes that my gym offers.  Taebo on Mondays, PiYo and Zumba on Tuesdays, Body Pump on Wednesdays, and treadmill/free weights if I can make it to the gym throughout the rest of the week.  The classes are so fun and challenging.  They make it easy to get in a tough workout.  On my own, I don't build up the intensity enough to break a good sweat, but in the classes, I'm drenched! It feels so good! 

Back to the point of this post....

Today was one of my treadmill days, so I had the opportunity to open the March issue of InStyle.

It was such a great reminder that Spring is just around the corner and we can soon wear lots of bright colors, wedges (my fav), and lightweight cardis!

If you read the issue, you'll know everything I'm going to post today.  For those of you who don't read into InStyle, here are some things that I mentally noted from the mag!

1.  I need this:

I love the pink color!  Moisturizing lip color is the best.

The advertisement says:
Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm is loaded with do-gooders like mango and shea butters. Eight natural-looking rich-in-moisture shades with a subtle sheen. But heavy? Fat chance. Sometime it's good to be chubby. See why at

2.  TRESemm√© has a new climate control collection!
This finishing spray is perfect for us gals in the hot, humid South!
The Climate Control Complex keeps your hair looking vibrant and healthy all day.  It creates a barrier between your hair and outside humidity, static, UV rays, and wind. 

3. Trend Report: Pops of RED!

Do you dare?

4.  Thanks to the sample of the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, I decided it's an amazing scent for Spring/Summer!

5.  Wedges are in full force! This makes me so happy because my feet LOVE to wear them.

Check out these cuties from Target. Only $30!
Dolce Vita for Target Rope Wedge Sandals

6.  Don't be afraid of color this Spring.  The bolder and brighter, the better.  I'm loving coral and emerald green! Ooh la la!

7.  Extra has new dessert flavored gum. 
 I don't know whether to be disgusted or compelled to go buy some.

8.  Get your hair glossy!
 According to the pro, Lorri Goddard-Clark:
To maximize your color the day before [a big event], rinse hair with a solution of 1 cup distilled vinegar, 1 cup chilled water, and a few drops of lavender essential oil (to counter the smell).  The acidity of the vinegar will close down the hair's cuticle, creating the shiniest hair ever.

9.  Spray Tan 411:

According to the pro, Jimmy Coco:
Before you get a professional airbrush tan, find out what percentage of DHA solution the salon is using.  If it's 12 percent (the max), shower after four hours to avoid turning orange.  For eight percent or less, wait a full eight hours.  

10.  Vaseline Renewal Age-Redefining Body Lotion
According to the mag:
The simplest way to make your legs look better? 
Moisturize twice a day: In the morning while skin is still damp from the shower, and before you go to bed at night.  New York dermatologist Fredric Brandt recommends choosing a formula with retinol, such as Vaseline, to build collagen and increase elasticity.
The result - smooth, supple, youngerlooking skin.

...and to close out tonight's post...

Something that makes me happy:
My lunchbox note from Brandon. Too sweet!

Something that makes me mad:
Since when did greeting card companies start charging $7.00 for a card? This is just a regular card with no music, glitter, etc! Crazy!

Something that makes me ...stare?
Dreadlocks down to his calves.  
They are longer than they appear in this photo because they aren't hanging straight down, but swinging from side to side. I was trying to be sneaky & snap this picture while on the elliptical!

Sorry I had to end with that picture!


  1. I will definitely need the Clinique lip gloss!!

    I must have those wedges!!

    And that is way too much for a card!!

  2. Ha where were this gym dude with the hair for my Tell it to me Tuesday post LOL Nice!

  3. I want to try that Clinique too. Ive been seeing it and wanting it :) Love the wedges but not sure my feet can handle shoes that high. The card is so over priced! CRAZY! Not a wonder no one ever sends cards anymore lol! Ive tried the mint extra gum, its yumy! :) And what a sweet lunch note. Happy Friday to you! The weekend is here!

  4. your posts always make me smile :) I want that lip stuff like everyone else! {cv} needs to take some cues from your man...I love that note he left you ;) hope you'll join in for Friday's Fancies again! Happy almost {valentine's!} weekend, my dear! xoxo {av}

  5. I loved this issue of InStyle. I was so excited to find it in the mail the other day. Now I'm waiting for the March issue of Vogue! :)

  6. I will definitely be trying that humidity spray! It is a must for living in the south. I have tried so many brands to try and find the perfect one, I'll give this one a go as well! Happy Friday!

  7. I'll need to check out that hair spray. My hair normally ends up in a ponytail in the Summer, otherwise I get a crazy fro!

  8. I definitely need the wedges and a spray tan...STAT!

  9. Wedges are my fave too! I mean, they are the perfect mixture between flats and height...err I mean heels :)

  10. ah i should try all of this!! ...i got a spray tan last night and thankfully it looks great and normal this morning! but i can't say i've always had such luck! have a great weekend!

  11. Oh gosh, great post. Now I'm making a list of all these new things I NEED to get! haha.. the chubbies, wedges, climate control, a tan, lotion, vinegar!? lol - all such goodies!!

  12. HAHA! That dreadlock picture made me laugh. Love Instyle, makes me happy when mine arrives in the mail. So excited about the bright colors. Nothing looks better with a tan than a bright frock! Have a great weekend- heard it is going to be beautiful weather here finally!

  13. Oh, how I need to try that Climate Control Spray this summer! Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I love those shoes!
    And I definitely love that perfume!
    Left you an award at my blog!

  15. Ooooh muuu gooodness! I am so happy that I found your blog, I am loving it! Can you be anymore fabulous AND gorgeous?!!!

  16. Cute shoes! I love everything from Target. I CAN'T WAIT to be tan again. I feel so much better in bright colors with a nice tan and light blonde hair. Yay for Spring!!

  17. Thanks for the mini in-style recap! =) I don't get that magazine but I adore it!

    A SEVEN DOLLAR CARD!!!?? OMG! it better have come with fireworks... srsly!

  18. I have been so busy that my InStyle mag is sitting in a basket with about 10 other magazines!! Thanks for the great post... Now I know what I have been missing. And I saw those sandals at Target! I totally should have gotten them last week because I am sure they are sold out now that they have been featured in InStyle. Hmpf!


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