Monday, February 14, 2011

Warning: Lovey Dovey Mushy Valentine's Day Post

This post is for my valentine.

Let's step back in time for a moment.

You know, Brandon and I had our first date on Valentine's Day.
Actually, it was the first time that either of us had been on a date ...period.
I was fourteen years old & had one very protective Dad.

Brandon had been my unofficial boyfriend for a while before our first date.  We were "dating" by means of talking on the phone at night and passing notes when we passed each other in the hallway.

But Valentine's Day was the first time he wanted to take me out to dinner.

Do you think that this little 14 year old girl was allowed to ride with an almost-17 year old boy?
I suppose you can figure out the answer to that one. 

After much convincing and help from Mom, my Dad agreed to let me go on a date with Brandon ...-but it had to be a restaurant in my little town. This gave us three options:  the restaurant where I worked, an old smokehouse about five minutes away, or the Huddle House. 

(We chose the Old Smokehouse Restaurant, by the way)

I wish I had the picture that was taken before our first date.  
Mom insisted.

I had braces and bushy eyebrows. Oh, and I didn't wear any makeup at all -not even lipgloss. 
Brandon and I were both so nervous and awkward.  
It showed in the picture.  
We stood half a foot away from each other, each with our hands in our pockets. 
...awkward is right.

I might have to scan it one day when I'm home with Mom and Dad.  Maybe I can post it for a good laugh. But if you're new to my blog, some other pictures of us through the years are here.

...and now, eight Valentine's Days later, he's still my Valentine.  

Brandon has the kindest soul of anyone I know ...except maybe my mother. 

He thinks of others before he thinks of himself.  He does and does and does for others, without expecting anything in return.

...and he's funny!

...proving to me that yoga is easy.

...he cooks

...he cleans

...and he's the best shopping buddy, whether he likes it or not.

Oh, and a great fun dancer!

He's probably embarrassed that I'm posting this. 

He's an outdoorsy guy...

...but he's also the best foot rubber in the world!

Oh, and you have to see the picture of the time he let me dye his hair back in 2005.
I begged him to let me turn his sandy locks black.  Not permanently, but with a temporary hair coloring kit that washed out after a few washes. 

He is, obviously, extremely angry at this point.

So to you, Brandon (I know you're reading this), thank you for being the best Valentine I could ever ask for! 

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, too!
I hope you all have a wonderful day -whether your Valentine is your best friend, a significant other, or even if you are your own Valentine!

We're going to our favorite sushi restaurant, O-ku. 
No surprises there.

I'm looking forward to a glass of wine & soy sauce overload. 



  1. Y'all are so cute together! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  2. I just loved reading this!!!! Happy V- day Beautiful!

  3. that was so sweet! he sounds like a great guy :) hope yall have fun tonight! and pleeeease find that first date pic!

  4. So sweet!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  5. Awww, so cute! Love this story & a little background on you & your honey! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  6. this post made me smile from ear to earrrrrrrrrr.

    have so much fun tonight, my dear! you are so lucky to have a guy like Brandon in your life...he really is such a sweetheart :) much love--and happy valentine's day! xoxo {av}

  7. This is so adorable! I hope you're having a great Valentine's day!

    Holly =)

  8. enjoy reading your sweet thoughts about your sweet bf

  9. Happy Valentine's Day! New to the blog and your newest follower! My husband and I started dating 8 years ago (one this specific day) too!

  10. Precious blog!! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  11. aw so cute. love the story!


  12. I love this! This reminds me of my husbands and my story. We were the same age when we started dating. Isn't it crazy that our parents let us date at such a young age? They must have seen something special and knew they would be the one!


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