Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Re-Cap!

Hello beautiful bloggers!
Here is my Thanksgiving weekend in pictures (ok, and some words). 

I went home on Monday, which was well needed! 
I enjoyed spending some time with Dad out in the yard. 
He picked up leaves and I sat on the golf cart reading a magazine:
He would dump the leaves on this tarp, and I'd drive the cart to the backyard, where he'd empty them into the burn pile. 
I told you how much I love the smell of burning leaves!

 A few of our smaller trees have beautiful colored leaves, like this one:
 Hey, for the SC Lowcountry, this is a big deal!

...and so the table was set for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.
It was a small to-do, just my immediate family... but we enjoyed the relaxed day!

I got 45 minutes of sleep on Thursday night, because we had to hurry to the stores for some Black Friday shopping!
Mom, my brother, and myself braved the cold and the crowds.
In the middle of the night, we managed to shop in two different states and three different towns! 
Some may call us crazy, I call it dedication! 

I had to hurry home at 1:30pm that day to get ready to go to Clemson with the boyf and his family for the Clemson vs. University of South Carolina game.
Rivalry at its finest.
Brandon graduated from Clemson and I grew up a Clemson fan.
Brandon's parents are die-hard Carolina fans, so it's definitely a "house divided!" 
 On Friday night, a group of us went out downtown. 
We first made a stop at Mellow Mushroom and I had a spinach artichoke dip.
I've never ordered it before because I usually don't get an appetizer when ordering pizza, but I would definitely recommend it!

On Saturday, we had many hours of tailgating since the game wasn't until 7pm.
Brandon's mom has great pictures on her "fancy schmancy" camera, but here are some that I took on the humble Olympus.
Maybe I can post her pictures on a later post!

Someone put a Clemson jersey on a cardboard cut-out of the USC coach, Steve Spurrier!

Brandon's family and me

He's such a great foot rubber!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. glad you had a good thanksgiving holiday. and i love the smell of burning leaves too. reminds me of christmas time! :)

  2. haha, i love the jersey on steve!! too bad they lost :( :(

  3. Looks like a wonderful holiday!! xo


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