Tuesday, November 30, 2010

bad boys, bad boys, whatcha' gon' do?

Today has not been a good day. 
Even if Matthew McConaughey appeared at my door with a giant bag of Hershey's Cookies and Cream bars, my day would still not be that great.
Alright, so my day might be all better if that happened.

Ok, I'll stop beating around the bush and just say it.

I got my first speeding ticket today.
I'm very bitter about it.
A police officer was on foot, standing in the middle of the highway with a radar gun.
Of all of the "speeding" cars, he chooses me.

No, I did not know that I was still in the school zone.
Yes, officer, I did obey the 25 mph speed limit as I passed the school.
Yes, I stopped to let the cute little kiddos cross the street.
But as I was approx. 50ft from the end of the school zone (and about 300 yards passed the school itself), I decided to accelerate a little prematurely.
Big mistake.

In fact, the police officer was standing outside of the school zone when he got me.
...that's how close I was to the regular 45mph zone.

My clean record now has one of these on it

First, the bobby pin mess and now, this.
So sad.

Aside from all of that mess, let me tell you some good news!
Aspen Leaf Spa has the best deal/customer service that I've dealt with in a long time.

Aspen Leaf Spa offers a price-match guarantee, even if you've already placed the order with them and find the product at a better price days later.

I recently ordered a Clarisonic Mia and got it for a steal!
The Mia retails for $149, but I bought it from Aspen Leaf Spa for 25% off.
My total was something like $112.

But it gets better!
This past weekend, Beauty.com had a 20% sale on all of their skincare tools.
On top of that, Beauty.com also had a 20% off coupon.
With both of those coupons, the Clarisonic Mia would be $95.

I called Aspen Leaf Spa today and asked for information about their price match guarantee, and with absolutely no questions asked, they credited my account $17, making my Aspen Leaf Spa purchase equivalent to the Beauty.com deal.

So I definitely recommend using Aspen Leaf Spa for your beauty purchases!
Can't beat their customer service.

Hope you all are having a great day and are staying under the speed limit!


  1. Sorry! I was devistated when I got my first (and only knock on wood) speeding ticket. The good news is that now, three years later, my record is clean again! Also, they will sometimes drop it when it's your first offense if you go to a class.. Ask the judge you see if that's an option & also explain that you thought you were out of the school zone and were approaching the 45 mph sign! He/she might be nice! Good luck!

  2. How much was your ticket? My parents just got one of those tickets through a school zone..... So how far away after the SLOW SIGNS do you have to be going till you are allowed to speed up? (You'd think I'd know this since I'm a teacher but I don't lol those signs are usually rolled away by the time I leave school!)

  3. Thanks Mrs. Vid, I hope they drop it when I go to the traffic court! Fingers crossed.

    CMae- He reduced the fine to $81, which I can handle, but it's a two-point ticket. So I'm just worried about my insurance premiums increasing! Hopefully it won't be too bad. There are no "SLOW" signs, just some yellow signs showing to stop for the crosswalk, which I stopped for! I drove another 200-300 yards or so, then started accelerating. That's when he got me!

    Oh well :(

  4. ugh... my first "ticket" was similar to yours... it was an "aggressive driving" checkpoint, where if you drove on the shoulder of the rode to get to the coffee shop you got a HUGE ticket. so i got a $200+ ticket for driving 4.5 feet on the shoulder of the road.


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