Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Old Navy Poncho + More Christmas Gift Ideas

Remember when I posted about the cute Old Navy poncho?

I was able to wear it for the first time today.
It has finally cooled off enough so that it's not 80 degrees in the afternoon!

I figured you all might be interested in seeing what it looks like!
Introducing... my first OOTD (Outfit Of The Day):

I am so happy that I happened across this poncho, because until this Fall, I hadn't stepped into an Old Navy since high school.

I also wanted to do another post about Christmas gift ideas. 
You know, it's appropriate since it's now the first day of December.
Where on Earth did November go, anyway?
Wasn't it just Halloween yesterday? 

My personal Christmas list looks a little something like this:

J.P.K. Tote

Tory Burch Sally Wedge - Exclusive to Neiman Marcus

 A good blender for crushing ice!
I want to start making smoothies in the morning, and the little blender I own can't chop a banana in half, bless it's heart.
This one happens to be a Black & Decker Home 600-Watt Touchpad Blender.

David Yurman Cable Classic Bracelet

...and now, other Christmas gifts that would be lovely to give or get!

Kate Spade Pearl and Crystal Drop Earrings

Riller Fount Fiona Tunic

Vince Camuto Karena

Aryn K. Cropped Jacket


  1. I love the poncho on you! oh so cute!

  2. CA-UTE poncho! love all your gift choices!

  3. The Hunters are on my Christmas list this year!!

    And love the poncho...actually I love the entire outfit!

  4. Your poncho outfit is super cute! where are your boots and jeans from that complete your outfit? Loves it!

  5. Thanks gals! I bought the jeans from Saks Off Fifth. They are Vigoss, I think. I found them on sale and thought they were super cute. The boots are from Banana Republic. They have been my favorite purchase in years because of their great quality. I bought them last Fall, but there are similar ones at Banana now!

  6. Really cute poncho! And love all the Christmas ideas! Coco Mademoiselle is one of my favorite perfumes!

  7. The David Yurman and Mademoiselle are on my list this year! I love the poncho on you, so cute! I think you should do more OOTD's!

  8. I LOVE that poncho! Looks super cute on you!


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