Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can I just express my love for the one thing that keeps me awake & moving in the morning? No, not coffee. I can drink multiple cups & the caffeine in it just doesn't fully wake me up.  It's not until I have a glass of Diet Coke that I can fully begin my day. Is that awful?
 Ohh... sweet, sweet carbonation! 
Yesterday, I had so much to do, so I woke up early & put on a pot of coffee with hopes that a couple mugs full would leave me feeling extra chipper. It didn't.  The warm mug just made me feel more sleepy and the creamy taste just left me hungry for something salty! Don't get me wrong... I love a cup of coffee on cold days or in the middle of any day, for that matter. But first thing in the morning, I need my Diet Coke! Yesterday, after I had a cold glass of it, I organized all of my desk drawers & then went for a run. See what I mean?


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