Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I've been doing a bit of online shopping recently ... well, online browsing, let's say.  There's about five expensive designer items I've been wanting to purchase for a while now, but I know I can't buy all at once ...or all five in the next year, if we should be honest.  (Even just typing this is a reminder to me that I should get a job.) So as I've been trying to decide which item I need the soonest, I had a thought. (I love when lightbulbs go off in my head ... it happens once in a while!)

 What if I found these desired items on Ebay?  Better prices means I can buy more, right?  But this is what I'm struggling with....

I've never actually purchased anything off of Ebay. Whenever I find a good price and almost hit the "Bid" or "Buy It Now" button, I have a flashback to five years ago. 

Years ago, I decided to sell my 2nd generation iPod on Ebay.  
Why did I want to sell it? Because it didn't hold a charge (& I was a money hungry teenager).
Who did I sell it to? A woman in Texas who was purchasing it for her son's 10th birthday. 
Why did I hear from this sweet lady one week later? Because I didn't mention on the ad listing that the iPod didn't hold a charge.
She wanted her money back.
Did I give it to her?
I told you I was a money-hungry teenager.

So my fear is that there are other rude, inconsiderate Ebay sellers out there ... just like I was back then!  What a terrible child I was.

I can't bring myself to buy anything off of Ebay.
But every day, after hours of Ebay searching, after hours of seeing great deals on Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, and David Yurman pass me by, I'm getting closer to giving in.




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  1. I am obsessed with Ebay! I always get mad when I get outbid! LOL that's why I try and stick to buy it now sellers..... not all sellers are how you were when you were a teenager! That's why its very important to buy from "powered sellers" and people that have ALL good feedback!


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