Tuesday, October 1, 2013

favorite youtube beauty gurus

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I love watching beauty YouTube videos.  I watch one or two as I get ready for bed each night.  It just makes my bedtime routine that much more relaxing and pampering.  I promised a few of you through email that I would share my favorite beauty gurus, so in no particular order...

1//  MMandLShow

These girls are just hysterical.  You might recognize Michelle Money from The Bachelor.  She and her best friend, Laura, make videos about beauty, fashion, and exercise/nutrition.  I always get SO excited when they have a new video (usually about once per week).

To me, Elle seems to live in a little bubble of fairy tales and pixie dust.  Everything she talks about in her videos is quintessentially girly.  I don't look to her videos for tutorials, but I do love her product reviews - lots of high-end, luxurious products.

If I had to pick one all-time favorite beauty guru, it might just be Lisa Eldridge.  She is the only YouTuber who does tutorials that I actually try to follow.  Her voice, let alone, is AMAZING!  Not to mention, she is a professional makeup artist who paints the faces of A-list stars across the globe.  Her videos are a real treat.

Tiffany is really down to earth and LOVES to shop beauty.  She's always doing new haul videos and talking about great drugstore dupes for high end products.  Tiffany does the best eye makeup and, hands down, has the best eyelashes I've ever seen.

I seem to love every video Ingrid posts.  She does great makeup & clothing hauls... Plus, I really trust her opinions on beauty products.  

Beautiful Rachel is a mom-to-be and my skincare go-to girl.  She has worked in the industry professionally and has a ton of great tips to show for it.  Her videos are short and sweet, but informative.

These girls know a thing or two about hair.  I sometimes want to cry after watching their videos because I know my hair will never be as long and full as theirs!  They post gorgeous hair tutorials and tips.  I also love their accents and admire their very natural, organic lifestyles!

I follow around 90 channels, but these seven are my absolute favorites.  Do you watch beauty YouTube videos?  Have any favorites to share with me?

Oh!  The elbow patch shirt you all asked about in my previous post is Fenn Wright Manson.  I can't find that particular top online, but I purchased it at TJ Maxx.  Check your local store and you might get lucky!  Charleston ladies, I got it at the one in West Ashley.


  1. LOVE the MM&L show they are hilarious and remind me so much of myself lol. I also love Lisa Eldridge and Luxy hair! You're right there is just something so relaxing about watching these videos and I also watch them before bed lol :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash
    Instagram @sincerelymissash

  2. Check In The Mirror is my absolute favorite guru. Her makeup is so natural but always looks great and I love how she really emphasizes skin care. Great post!
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  3. I can't wait to check these out!

  4. Thanks for sharing!
    I'm always looking for new youtube gurus to follow!
    Life with Baby Sophia

  5. love them all!!

    I am doing a bag giveaway would love to invite you to join!



  6. I love to watch beauty Videos on Youtube in the morning when I get ready.. Love tiffany, she is such a nice and down to earth person!

  7. I love watching Tanya Burr. very natural, dewey, and gorgeous.. Definitely looks to emulate !

  8. I also really really like Missmaven.com

    so so pretty !

  9. Thank you for sharing these. I can't wait to check them all out!

  10. I'm obsessed with watching beauty gurus too. I also love Anna Saccone, Tanya Burr and Fleur de Force.

    I thought I was the only one that watched them regularly ha!

  11. Thank you for sharing! I love all these beauty vlogs, definitely a great way to stay up to date on new products!

  12. Ohh i see some of my favs & am adding the rest to my sub list. i'm sure you follow tanya burr (love her), also fleur. I'm def going to my TJ Maxx tomorrow to stalk for a shirt like yours!

  13. You totally covered all my fav youtube gurus! Some others for you to check out: Nicole Guerriero, Casey Holmes, Bentley Blonde and Maskcara!

  14. I am LOVING all of these beauty bloggers! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  15. Casey Holmes is one of my favorites! You have to check her out! Here's the link http://www.youtube.com/user/itsbl0ndie?feature=g-high-crv

    Not spam I promise!

  16. Jaclyn Hill may favorite! She is awesome! Also love Fleur DeForce, makeupbyTiffanyD, casey holmes, and nicole guerriero.

  17. i love tanya burr- her makeup tutorials are amazing


  18. Love this post. I always come back to it on my lunch break and watch the suggested tutorials :)


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