Monday, August 12, 2013


I had the best birthday weekend.  Brandon and I went to O-Ku on Friday night and later stopped by Halls for a nightcap.

Saturday, my actual birthday, was started off with those very anticipated chocolate chip pancakes.  Oh, and a princess balloon bouquet and banner.  Little ways to my heart.

During breakfast, Brandon let me know that I had an appointment for a facial at my favorite place 45 minutes later.  He made sure to point out that he made this appointment for me two weeks before I mentioned it on my birthday lust list here on the blog!  Immediately after that, my mom surprised me with an appointment for a mani and pedi.  Even Brandon joined me.  Lots of little indulgent surprises!

 ...followed by lunch at Saffron (thanks to Brandon's mom!).  Perfect afternoon!

I was surprised with these pretties when we got home. 

...and then my parents arrived!  After visiting for a little, we jumped right into the cake & ice cream.  Getting those candles lit was truly a group effort.  Later, we went to Saturday mass & had dinner at Coast.

As for Sunday...  Well, Brandon and I spent the entire day on the couch watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  Literally - the. whole. day. - with the slight exception of a little tennis match.  

This birthday was a slam dunk.  To those of you who commented on the blog or on instagram, thank you for the birthday wishes!  
Hope y'all have a great week.  I'm hoping to breeze through this one.  My mom, MIL, and I are hosting a bridal shower for one of my absolute dearest friends this Saturday.  I can't wait! 


  1. So glad to hear you had a great Birthday! Looks like everything was perfect! and I have to start watching Orange is the new Black, heard it is great!

  2. Happy Birthday to you my dear! So glad you had a great time celebrating! How good is orange is the new black? It's based on a true story. Crazy.

  3. Love love love your black and white shirt. Where is it from? Happy belated birthday!

  4. It looks like you had a great weekend, love the pictures! :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  5. ohhh what a fabulous birthday weekend! this gives me great ideas for mine in october!
    happy monday and happy belated birthday, pretty!

  6. what a great day! little indulgent surprises are my favorite!

  7. What a lovely weekend! Happy Belated! :)

  8. What a lovely weekend! Happy Belated! :)

  9. Yay for a perfect weekend! I love all of the indulgences on Saturday - that's exactly how I like to spend my birthday too!

    I've got to start Orange is the New Black!

  10. Happy (belated) Birthday, looks like you had an awesome weekend! My husband and I have been watching Orange is the New Black's a little crazy/graphic, but totally addicting! Gotta love watching shows on Netflix where you can just watch episode after episode! xoxo

  11. I spent mostly the whole day Sunday watching Orange is the new Black as well. Hooked! Happy Belated Birthday :)

  12. I love that you ordered a whole sandwich and fries from Saffron! I'm the same way no salads for me! Glad to hear you had a great birthday!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks fantastic! I just celebrated a birthday too! :)

    Love this tennis photo of you two - too cute!


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