Monday, August 5, 2013

lust list


I've got to say... I'm not huge into making a big deal over my birthday, but since mine is this Saturday, I figured I'd make a birthday-themed Lust List this week.  Hope y'all have a great Monday!  Oh, and I posted a ton of things on my blog sale yesterday.  Be sure to check them out!


  1. Love those Nikes! The price is great too! I'm ashamed to say but I've never had a facial before. I'm scared it'll make me break out like a teenager! If I ever get the courage to get one ill definitely check out Urban Nirvana. Happy early birthday!

  2. Love Jeffery Camobell shoes, those would go with everything! Happy Early Birthday! We must have both been cleaning out this weekend, I did a blog sale too:)

  3. Great lust list!! Love those heels and bag.. I have a similar pair of Nikes and they are so comfortable!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  4. Great post! Love your blog… follow each other on GFC/Bloglovin? Let me know & I'll follow back! xo

  5. those heels and that handbag! yes, please.

  6. Love it all!

    I have been wanting a new scented candle for my home, getting tired of the scent I've been burning religiously for over a year ;) what is this scent like??

    And that liptick is fabulous! The color would look great on you!

  7. Love urban nirvana! My birthday is the 13th & I'm asking for a massage there :)

  8. I got the Pashli for my birthday this year, and love it! You definitely can't go wrong with a great carryall! xo


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