Monday, May 20, 2013

on the radar: {target finds}

This console table is adorable and a steal at only $127 (It's 15% off!).  I'm dreaming of creating a cheery vignette using this table, leaning artwork and stacks of books!  It could even make a pretty darn cute bar if you put a mirror behind it, a orchid on one end, a styled tray on top, and some stylish bottles on the bottom.

Baskets are always a good idea.

I own this starburst mirror and think it looks way more expensive than it's $39 price tag.

These frames are not too modern and not too rustic.

Just looking at these organic blankets makes me want to crawl into bed.

These glass containers would look perfect on a bathroom shelf or ...heck, anywhere.


  1. Loving that table and such a great price point. Tempted to purchase today!

  2. I bought the starburst mirror and the organic blankets in the past two weeks and love them! The mirror looks way more expensive than it is (although I wish it were just a teensy bit bigger), and the blankets are soft but still light--perfect for summer!

  3. I love me a yellow console table! You can see mine here:

  4. Love that sunburst mirror! I am moving soon and may just have to get that!


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