Friday, January 4, 2013


You may have heard by now that the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year is EMERALD.  This excites me to no end because emerald is one of my favorite colors to wear.  I think it looks good on people with warmer undertones (more yellow in skin color, like me) and people with cooler undertones (more pink in skin... think The Little Mermaid or Alyssa Campanella, former Miss USA at the Miss Universe pageant -she has red hair  and cool skin and ROCKED an emerald gown).



scarlet in emerald

Emerald at Gucci - Habitually Chic


bold gray and emerald green dining room

Emerald green sequins -- nothing better.
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If you aren't a fan of wearing emerald, consider sporting it through bold accessories or a handbag.  

Happy Weekend!
Brandon and I are hitting up my favorite restaurant, O-Ku, tonight.  Lots of errands are on the list for tomorrow.. and oh, a facial!  Time to get that bridal glow on, y'all. 


  1. I'm so happy it's emerald, too! I love this color and it's my birthstone...totally justifies a few new purchases!

    Enjoy your weekend - sounds fun! :)

  2. I LOVE emerald! I am so glad to hear it is the Pantone color of the year! O-Ku is a delicious restaurant, have fun!

  3. Good to know!! That's the color of my rehearsal dinner dress :) Enjoy the facial!

  4. I love emerald too! Maybe because I'm a May baby and it's my birthstone. Or maybe it's because emerald is a beautiful color. Either way I want to rip those curtins out of the second photo and put them up in my apartment! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Love the color emerald - it looks great on everyone!

  6. love emerald! these pictures are gorgeous :)


  7. Love the first photo!! O-Ku is my fave!!!


  8. As a red head my heart filled with JOY when I heard this was the color of the year!

  9. love this post! beautiful blog! im deffo following you :)


  10. Lovely pictures. I mostly like your green outfit so classic.

  11. i love your blog! greets from germany :)
    xx LENI

  12. Great colour year round!

  13. oh wow, I'm loving those floor-to-ceiling drapes! they make QUITE an impact.

  14. Love the skirt in the first image... what a showstopper! Glad I found your blog... I love it!

  15. Such beautiful finds, love that gorgeous emerald maxi skirt!
    xx, Emily


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