Tuesday, July 17, 2012

an ode to white

White, you've quickly become one of my favorite decor colors.  
On a wall, you're never boring, only allowing other colors to pop.

 You're ever so feminine.

and can bring beauty to a masculine wall.

 White, you make for the prettiest kitchens.

...and the most pristine bathrooms.

You frame photos beautifully...

 and you make for the coziest bedding... 

Are you all white decor lovers like I am?


  1. absolutely love those first two picture! those pink chairs are awesome :)

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  2. in love with white. currently creating my dream white kitchen .. altho its drainig my bank account!

  3. There isn't anyone who is more obsessed with white than me! White dog--check! White duvet cover check! White walls in house hah check! Sadly the downside to white as with all things (cept the dog) is that they don't stay white! Water is hard on white keeping it from it's brightness over time, and we have white kitchen cabinets and I don't care how clean you think you are, they are constantly having to be wiped for splatters and finger prints!

  4. I love white! A big fluffy white down comforter with white sheets is my favorite!

  5. Oh I LOVE white! I'd like a new duvet cover and think white is the way to go. The bed in the last photo looks way too comfy!
    Catherine x

  6. DEFINITELY! I use to want everything in black but now I'm completely converted to white!

  7. That first pic of the dining room has been on my Pinterest boards forever! I love pink and I love white. I am doing a lot more with white now..painting a lot of furniture white to brighten up spaces, going to get a plain white bed comforter...I love the crisp and fresh look of it...so bright and airy. I love all of the pics in this post, great finds! www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  8. LOVE that last bedroom. So calm and chic!


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