Thursday, April 26, 2012


Oops, has it really been a week since my last post?  I really promise to do better.  I never ever complete and schedule posts in advance because I want my blog to be exactly what it set out to be ...a brain dump.  That is, whatever I happen to be thinking at the moment somehow finds its way into a post.  But with my busy schedule these days, I might have to start planning a couple here and there so that this little ol' blog doesn't go a week with no attention again. 
I've really been thinking a lot about ways to simplify my life.  I've made a few strides to accomplish this... my closet has diminished in size quite a bit which leaves me utterly proud and enables me to pick outfits at a much quicker rate! I've simplified my makeup products by keeping out only the products I use day to day, while tucking away not-as-loved items in a train case.  Cleaning out my office was a daunting task, but incredibly rewarding.  I literally recycled two huge bins of paper and old files.  I've been out of town the past four weekends and have surprised myself at how it is, in fact, possible to pack lightly.  Not only is it easier for travel, but it makes the dreaded task of unpacking much easier. 
There are still other ways that I'd like to simplify my life.  Here's a list I made -goals that are completely attainable and will be beneficial to my well-being.

1.  Create a weekly meal plan. 
(Brandon and I email each other every day around lunch time with the same question... "What do you want to do for dinner tonight?"  I never stock up my fridge or pantry.  We go to the store literally three or four times a week to pick up the ingredients for our meal that evening.  The other nights, we eat out.  Bad, bad, bad!)

2.  Purge as much clutter as possible.
(Yes, I'm talking to you, bathroom cabinets, hallway closets, and junk drawers!)

3.  Unsubscribe from emails and newsletters that don't provide value.
(see ya later, Gilt, Rue La La, Charleston City Paper, and other emails that pile up in my inbox at the same time every day)

4.  Get outside.

5.  Finish old tasks before taking on new ones.

6.  Complete my devotion/pray/reflect every single day.

7.  Organize computer files.
(consolidate, consolidate, delete!)

8.  Create a financial budget and tuck away more into savings.

9.  "Love what you have, not what you want."
(I grew up hearing this from my father.  He would say it all the time ...and he's right.)

10.  Do not use my computer past 9pm.

11.  Plan out my entire week and all major tasks for that week. 

12.  Help others.

13.  Don't sweat the small stuff.
(stop worrying!)

14.  Make a place for everything and keep it there. 

15.  Clean something for 15 minutes every day. 
Can you relate to finding joy in simplicity?  What is something that would be on your list?

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  1. Glad you are back! What a great post! This exact thing, simplifying my life, has been on my mind!! I need to start one thing at a time!


  2. couldn't agree more! I'm reading The Happiness Project right now and it is inspiring me to simplify and make every little thing count!

  3. This is so very true! I definitely need to simplify many things in my life. Ridding myself of clutter would be a HUGE start... Maybe I'll start that this weekend! :) Thanks for the motivation!

  4. YES! i LOVE this! It is so true though:) I have determined to simplify my summer and quit over commiting myself!

  5. I admire your list! As I get ready to move I am thinking the same things, but I better write them down so I actually complete them! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Also, I LOVE the "no computer pas 9" rule; that's one I absolutely need to do!

  6. You post makes me want to simplify everything! I plan out all of mine and my husbands meals a week at a time prior to going to the grocery store. It makes it so much easier and takes the whole thought process out of it.

  7. These are so great, and so true! Simplicity makes for a happier life, I think :)

  8. You are so right on all of it! When I moved from Georgia to Ohio I got rid of literally half my closet & it was so freeing! I didn't miss anything at all and it was so much easier to get ready in the mornings without having a crazy amount of options.
    Thanks for sharing!


  9. Megan, I have been doing a similar thing! I am going through all my stuff at home that has pilled up through out the years and moving back and forth to school every year! I am hoping to have it all organized and cleaned out before I move out.

    I love all of your ideas about other ways, I will be adding some to my own life!

  10. "Organize computer files. (consolidate, consolidate, delete!)" AMEN!

    ...this NEEDS to be my next project.

  11. Loving your to-do list... I think I may borrow it as my own for awhile! Thanks :)

  12. Thank you for the inspiration. My closet, bathroom cabinets, and desk drawers could use some serious purging.

    Though I am good about planning meals for the week... preparing your own food is much easier on the waistline and the bank account ;)


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