Monday, February 13, 2012

there are always perks.

Our office has been hard at work planning the Darius Rucker Big Band Concert for months.
Well, the time has finally come!  Tonight, Brandon & I will be at this intimate concert showcasing the songs of Frank Sinatra.  Did you know that Darius sang these songs at Frank Sinatra's 80th birthday party? ( the request of Mr. Sinatra, himself!)
Darius is so good to our children's hospital & we're thankful for this amazing, unique way to raise money!
If you're local to Charleston and have purchased tickets to this event, you're in for a real treat!

A little back track on the weekend...
My mom and I went to visit my Poppop on Saturday and Sunday.
I wore this:
and got to spend time at a tea party with these pretty ladies
(my mom & my little cousin)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!  I've got a busy week ahead...  this concert tonight, Brandon and I have Valentine's plans tomorrow night, big day at work on Wednesday, then on Friday, B and I are heading south to Orlando.  Woo wee!
Happy Monday!


  1. How awesome! I was just telling my Hubs how badly I want to see Darius Rucker live. How can you not love him???

    Have fun/be safe in Orlando! We'll be heading that way in 32 days, and my girls are sooo excited to go back to Disney World! Just make sure you leave us some pretty weather!

  2. Tea party, SO sweet!! And was just watching something with Darius Rucker on it Saturday at the gym...great story and his wife is gorgeous!! You two will have a blast!!

  3. Hope you have fun at the concert! I had a Darius spotting at Triangle yesterday. Always fun to see him out and about.

  4. I love Darius Rucker! I am so jealous, have fun!!

  5. So jealous! I love Darius Rucker I was a huge Hottie and the blowfish fan and I love him even more now that he's on his own! Enjoy the show!

  6. OMG! I love love love love love Darius Rucker! SO JEALOUS!!!! :)

  7. Have a great time at the concert! We are going to Orlando this weekend too! Hoping for nice weather!! -e

  8. So fun! My sister and her boyfriend will be at the concert tonight, too! Have a great week!

  9. How flipping awesome! Have a wonderful time!

    Keep Shining,
    Shine On

  10. If you need any fun ideas for Orlando, let me know! I've lived here my entire life :)

  11. Jealous!! Loving your yellow and green combo by the way :)

  12. Jealous! I'm loving your green and yellow color combo by the way :)

  13. Love the y ellow jacket. Where did you buy it???

  14. Hey both of them drink tea with their pinky fingers straight out! :) haha love it!!! AND LOVE the yellow coat!!!! :) Do tell Melanie and I where it's from!

  15. sooo exciting
    PS I just love your yellow coat and outfit!!! I'm going through my closet to see how I can recreate!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE


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