Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Five

Tory has added a strap to the ever-so-loved Robinson Tote.  It's heavily on my radar.  Love the clay color with the orange lining.  Can't go wrong with the bright orange exterior either.  The shoulder strap doesn't always have to be used, but is ideal for hopping about town!

a few samples from the wedding florist after a brainstorming session yesterday (kind of wilted from sitting in my car all afternoon -oops!)

Brandon insisted that I take a photo of this.
What's in your purse?
What's in mine you ask?  Oh, well, you know... just the day's accumulations: a clarisonic, some Ole Henriksen Facial Cream, a bottle of wine, a flower vase, scissors, Rite Aid prescription bag, Camelback water bottle -just to name a few.  To all the folks who ask why I carry such a big purse... 
this is why.

Obsessed with this print by Nicole Cohen.
For only $50, you can frame this 8x10 with a large, white mat --sure to be a masterpiece in any room!
(I neeeeeed one.)

whipped up a "green monster" smoothie with a couple handfuls of spinach, a banana, about five strawberries, ice, nonfat vanilla yogurt, and a tiny splash of fruit juice. 
'twas delish & super filling! (you can't taste the spinach. promise)

Happy Weekend!! Xo.


  1. Ahhh I have been thinking about buying a Clarisonic, everyone I know who has one raves about it! I've also been meaning to make a green smoothie, it seems like such a great way to sneak some extra veggies into the day! Have a good weekend! Xoxo

  2. Haha your purse looks just like mine! I pre-ordered the Robinson double zip tote from Saks in December and I should get it in a few weeks, I cannot wait! Love the florist's sample!

  3. the tory burch bag in orange is so pretty! wow, you carry a lot of stuff in your purse... when i use a purse {i use a backpack for my classes...} i only carry my wallet, keys, phone & maybe some random products :)

  4. What kind of purse do you carry?? I need a bag as big as yours!

  5. I love that artwork! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to check out the artist's page.

  6. Just came across your blog and love it! I've been meaning to try the "green monster" drink but wasn't sure about the spinach...xx

    p.s. am following you. Hope you follow back. :)

  7. Our Louis must be twins! I carry about the same amount of stuff in mine, althought I rarely have an entire wine bottle AND a flower vase in it....usually one or the other lol!

  8. I love green monsters! They are my fave breakfast. I make mine with a frozen banana, spinach, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp honey and 1/8tsp vanilla extract.

  9. ok, you have officially hooked me on the new TB bag. Wondering if it's too late to ask Hubby for Valentine's day...

  10. I'm loving that new Robinson tote as well! The pop of orange is so perfect!



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