Friday, September 30, 2011

Five on Friday

Even though I'm at work & sitting in a desk right now, all that I can think of is what a delightful weekend it's going to be.

I haven't spent a weekend in Charleston in almost two months because we are always on the go.  If I know one thing, it's that a relaxing weekend at home is way overdue.

Included in my plans...

Date night with Brandon

Sleeping in a bit on Saturday

A visit to the farmer's market

...perhaps a little shopping

and I know a Pumpkin Spice Latte will be snuck in there somewhere.

What are your weekend plans?


all photos via pinterest

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Act Like a Lady

Since I just discussed my love of the Ladylike trend, I thought I'd share some very ...well, ladylike photos.

and as for the two most ladylike women I know in the media today...

Olivia Palermo

and Kate Middleton, of course.

Which photos are your favorite?


All photos via Pinterest.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Fall Picks, from head to toe

Colored denim is definitely on trend this Fall, but I have to admit that I'm a bit apprehensive of super bright colored jeans like kelly green & cobalt blue.  Yes, they look great on the models, but realistically, colored denim isn't going to be too flattering on average Joes. (or, Joesephines? hmm...)
Okay, I put that too nicely.  If you don't have mile-long or super skinny legs, colored denim is going to draw attention to your thighs & accentuate the fact that they are less than perfect (i.e. make them look bigger than they actually are.) 
Which is why you probably won't see me in green jeans, just throwin' that out there.

I can, however, partake in the red & burgundy hues.

Here's a fav...

 Rag & Bone
"The Skinny Jean"

Faux Fur is a trend that I love, but must be done carefully.
I wish we could all throw on an enormous faux-fox fur vest & instantly become Rachel Zoe chic.
It's not going to happen.

So, when shopping for faux fur, make sure it doesn't overtake your outfit.  You don't want the jacket to swallow you and make you look large & shapeless.

I think this faux fur jacket does it right...

"Exclusive Faux Fur Jacket"

I'm also a fan of this faux-fur vest.  It doesn't look overly "boxy."
(from what I can tell in the photo, anyway!)

BB Dakota
"Garret Coyote Faux Fur Vest"

A good, leather boot will last you years if you take care of it! 
You NEED flat boots in your closet.
You absolutely, positively cannot go wrong with Frye boots.

"Melissa Trapunto"

In the Fall & Winter, I live in cognac brown boots.
I even sleep in them.
No seriously, I do.

Of course these beauties are at the top of my "want" list.

Tory Burch

Flat boots like these are not only a fabulous investment since they will last forever, but they also let you wear so many more items from your closet into the Winter.

All throughout the cold months, I wear my nude/dark-colored, cotton dresses that are normally dedicated to Spring and Summer.  It's so simple to throw on a black cotton dress (or whatever darker color you prefer), a jean or leather jacket, a cute scarf, tights, and a pair of flat riding boots. Super cute & easy!

Speaking of boots...

A good pair of rain boots is a must.
I'm partial to a classic, black pair.


Leopard print, when done right, will forever be a "do," but when paired with a top handle tote, it's an absolute must!

(I'm kind of in love with this bag)
MICHAEL Michael Kors
Margo Large Top Handle Tote

I'm really loving this black & blue satchel, too...

Olivia Harris
Leather and Haircalf Shoulder Bag

Oh wait... More outerwear!
Three words:  Ponchos. Trenches. Blazers.

Hinge Ribbed Cowl Neck Poncho

Plastic Island Onassis Trench Coat

Everyone needs a classic blazer like the one below.
Pair it with skinny jeans, a white T, & pumps or boots!


Tulle Short Vintage Wool Jacket

...and the best for last.
I am so, so excited that the "ladylike" trend is here for Fall!

My favorite items from the ladylike concept are...

Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Kate Spade


Tie-Neck Blouses

Ark & Co

Collective Concepts
$59  $38
...woo, I never thought I'd say this, but after this post, I might actually need a break from online shopping!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Here's My Picture-Heavy Explanation

...did you think I had disappeared off the face of this Earth? 

I'll spare you my excuses.
Let's get right down to business.

The last you heard from me was over 10 days ago.
Since then ....

I went to Clemson for the Auburn game.  
We had an awesome win & the stadium was crazy!

The morning was pretty cold, so I got my first pumpkin-spice latte of the season! YUM. that was the weekend before this past weekend.
(just making sure you're up to speed)

This week was very busy with work happenings, so I knew that a relaxing weekend was much needed.

I did have a free night, though, & got a chance to have dinner & drinks with my lovely roommate on Wednesday at O-ku. 

This isn't a romper, but a black sleeveless top tucked into a pair of dressy shorts from Express.  I paired it with a Banana Republic scarf & Jessica Simpson nude heels.

So, on Friday, Brandon and I decided to drive home to our high school alma-mater for the Homecoming football game.  We even took off work early to make it in time for the pep rally! 

I cheered for our high school & Brandon was on the football team.  So when the pep rallies would come along on Friday afternoons, we thought they were the biggest, most important events ever.  

Now that we're obviously older, and, well, sitting in the parents section of the pep rally crowd, we just laugh at how cute these, once-so-important events really are.  
Time has truly flown in a heart-beat. 


Later that Friday evening, before the football game, Brandon gave me this beauty

I have had my eye on this watch for a while now & am just in love with it! 
It's very classic & chic, if I do say so myself.

I'm too embarrassed to tell you how late I slept in on Saturday, but let's just say that this little gal needed the rest.  I've been craving a sleep-in day for months! We are always on the go, so it was nice to sleep in & spend a day with my family.  

Here are some pictures of my mom, dad, Brandon, and me on Dad's newest toy.

Mom & Dad

Saturday night consisted of a church dinner & football-watching.
Clemson beat Florida State, so I became a happy girl!

Moving right along to Sunday...

...when I finally got a chance to view my latest obsessions via online shopping.
(I've been deprived of online shopping this week since I've been so busy.)

I'm so excited to share my Fall picks with you dolls! 

But, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out what they are!

Here's to more frequent blogging for me & a happy, healthy week for all!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Post: Dating, From Me to You

Hello lovies!
All of you single gals are in for a treat today.  Even if you're taken, you'll still love this post because it was written with matter-of-factness & wit.

Danae Matthews is a young gal living, loving and writing for an online health company
Women’s Health Base
in San Francisco. She has written the cutest post about dating "dos" and "donts."

Okay, Okay. I will stop talking & let Danae step in.
Here 'tis...
I have been living in San Francisco for going on five years and in my time here there is one thing I can say for certain: girls. be. trippin.
Now why do I say that? I’m sure this doesn’t just apply to San Francisco, I’m sure you could relate to me for wherever you are reading this, but if there is something that I consistently see is women not knowing how to act- with men. This is largely because half the females I know meet a man, that man tells them exactly what his intentions are from the very beginning, but because that female thinks this man is somehow holding back his feelings she pursues him anyway. This creates months of tears, drunken text messaging and my ear being talking off about some guy who told you from day one “he wasn’t looking for a relationship.” So for all my SFers and beyond, for all my comrades in love, these are just a couple of tips to keep in mind to avoid this ever happening to you. In no particular order.

If he tells you he isn’t looking for anything serious, it’s because he isn’t looking for anything serious with you.
No really. I know I sound like that book, but it’s true. Men are like animals in the sense that when they see something they really want (actually women are like this too) they feel the need to pee all over it and let all the other men know it’s theirs. If he isn’t metaphorically, symbolically, or physically (if you’re into that) peeing all over you-it’s because he isn’t too concerned about anyone snatching you up. This could be for a thousand reasons. Find one you’re comfortable with and make yourself believe it.
If he asks you on a date, a real date, assume he has the funds to take you out.
If a man asks you out- I mean calls you up and makes plan for a restaurant or event, when you get there PLEASE don’t suggest to split the bill. You’re a laddyyyy. Not his friend, not his buddy. Doing this will automatically make him think that you are trying to be. Trust me; it doesn’t make him think you are “cool.” A real man will want to pay for you, maybe not all the time forever and ever for the rest of your lives, but for the first date, yes.
Alternatively, if he asks you out and you end up sitting on his coach playing a video game, run away, run run run away!
He doesn’t like you. At least he doesn’t like you in the way that you want him to. He probably wants to have sex with you-but a relationship no.
If you’re on a date and he says something that is really off color, makes you uncomfortable or doesn’t stop talking SAY SOMETHING.
You’re a human being too. Most likely you’ve been to high school, hey probably/maybe college. I bet you have A LOT to add to the conversation, huh? If he starts monopolizing all conversation, makes an offensive joke or reaches across the table and grabs your cha chas; tell him, correct him or leave! I’ve heard too many bad date stories from friends who said how they sat there for two hours without saying anything. EW why? TWO HOURS? It’s your life too! That is two hours you could have spent finding the NEXT guy. Don’t be rude, just politely say whatever it is that you need to make the night better or end.
There is a time and way to make plans with you. I’m not suggesting playing games, but…
I’m just saying-making plans for dinner for 8PM at 5PM means something else that he was going to do that night fell through and he is calling you to bat clean-up. The proper way to set up a date would be a day or two before. Heck really he should make a date on a Monday for a date on Saturday and check-in on Friday to confirm- that would be ideal. The whole “hey wanna catch coffee in an hour” is reserved for someone you’re already dating.
Because I had one more thing to say…
My aunt always says “If it doesn’t look right, feel right, or smell right, it’s probably because it’s not.” I live my life by this. If you have to push something, or if you’re in a situation that just really makes you uncomfortable on more than one level get yourself out of there. You know yourself best, look out for you!
-Danae Matthews

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what I'm loving, not so much, and OOTD

Nars "Angelika" Lip Gloss

I never thought I'd spend $25 on a tube of lip gloss.  I've always been the girl that thinks there is no difference between drugstore and high-end gloss. 

Nars "Angelika" made me change my mind.  It's heavily pigmented and gives your lips the most perfect, feminine color.  Long-wearing, too.
It's definitely a must have in my makeup bag.

Morracon Oil Light

My hair is super fine, yet I have a good bit of fly-aways.  Heavy creams & gels do not work for me because they weigh my hair down so much.  This lighter version of Moroccan Oil is just perfect because it's not heavy & leaves my hair silky smooth.

I don't follow the directions on the bottle though.  They direct you to use the product on your ends while your hair is still wet.  I find that when I do that, it spreads all throughout my hair amidst all of the brushing during blow drying.  Then, my hair just gets oily!

So instead, I use a heat protectant (Tresemme') while hair is wet, blow dry, then use Moraccan Oil Light SUPER sparingly on the ends of my hair.  That way, the oil stays where it is supposed to be!

I'm loving the cooler temperatures that are supposed to arrive in Clemson, SC this weekend! 

The high is supposed to be around 75 degrees. 
Football is so much more enjoyable when there's a chill in the air, right?

I'm not loving that Brandon is being sent to Nebraska for a business trip.  Also not too happy with the fact that I broke my third Droid screen last night.  I'm not too upset because I'm waiting for the iPhone 5 to arrive at Verizon.  (Definitely will be purchasing an Otterbox, too!)

...and a few OOTDs

LC Lauren Conrad Blazer, Urban Outfitters dress, BCBG wedges
 ...and I thought I'd include this one because this is a basic outfit that I would wear to work on an average day.  Comfortable, yet punched up with a fun accessory.