Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VS Fashion Show Diet & Exercise Plan

The very anticipated Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is here. 
As every year passes, the styling is more creative, the entertainment is more outrageous, and the venue is decorated to a higher extreme.  But as the whole production continues to get bigger and bigger, the models get smaller and smaller. 
Of course, we're all envious of their mile-long legs, gorgeous skin and hair, and their svelte frames.  Sure, the girls may be blessed with excellent genes that promote slim bodies, but exactly what measures do the models take to prepare for the annual fashion show?  

Adriana Lima spills the beans. 
In her pre-show routine, exercise is a big component. Without missing a single day, Adriana undergoes three months of high intensity cardio, kickboxing and some weight lifting. Three weeks before the show, these workouts happen twice a day. 
How about the diet?

As taken from thegloss.com...
She sees a nutritionist, who has measured her body’s muscle mass, fat ratio and levels of water retention. He prescribes protein shakes, vitamins and supplements to keep Lima’s energy levels up during this training period. Lima drinks a gallon of water a day. For nine days before the show, she will drink only protein shakes – “no solids”. The concoctions include powdered egg. Two days before the show, she will abstain from the daily gallon of water, and “just drink normally”.

Then, 12 hours before the show, she will stop drinking entirely. ”No liquids at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that,” she says.

Now we know that these model's bodies didn't come without hard work.  Personally, I think they are too skinny and likewise, send out a bad message to younger generations -and that grueling diet is certainly not worth it! 
Any way you look at it, the VS Fashion Show is always such a treat!
I'm definitely not skipping the gym tomorrow. 


  1. hAHA. I love this. I've basically been doing crunches for the last three hours as a result of the show. lol. thanks for sharing, love. If you get a second I'd love to hear what you think of my latest outfit. I shot it in front of Dee's house from Clueless. I'm sorta obsessed. lol. xo


  2. I actually didn't watch it this year....last year my girl Marisa Miller wasn't in it, and I doubt she was this year either. I was at the gym~ :)

  3. Insane. I've read about this a couple of places. No thank you. I'll take my breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.

    Go to VS today. They are giving away free panties because it's show day!

  4. Too funny, I posted about the same thing! www.bourbonmtns.com

    I do love to watch but goodness, those girls need a happy meal!

  5. Nothing like some motivation for the day! haha her diet sounds ridiculous though!! Just goes to show you that you can't get just like that and be normal. Ugh...so sad. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show made me want to never eat again. Nothing like seeing super skinny girls to motivate you to get to the gym!

    I want to say a huge congratulations on your engagement. I was waiting for that to happen. Every time I checked your blog, I was hoping there would be a proposal. You guys are just too cute together :)

  7. I missed the show last night :( I heard it was great but all the models looked too skinny. I personally need food or I am very ill. I guess they are taking the saying "beauty is pain" to the next level.


  8. where did you get your boots from your engagement pictures?? they are adorable and so simple!!!!

  9. Omg i loooove the VS fashion show! I always look forward to seeing it every year. I also did a post on their diets, and Adriana's doesn't seem one bit healthy :/ I could never do that. But it's good to know that they have to work their butts off to get their bodies and that they're not made that way :) haha

  10. I agree some of them are like skeletons!

  11. I definitely agree that they are on the too skinny side! It's crazy to think that they go to such extremes!!!


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