Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday {Five}

Am I silly for having butterflies in my stomach for the girls who are competing in the Miss SC USA pageant this weekend?  I competed two years ago and it was an amazing experience.  {Enter unneccessary rant...}So many people think pageants are stupid, but I'm here to tell you how much respect that the young women on that stage deserve.  Being in a pageant, especially a state pageant, should mean that each contestant is at her absolute best.  That means; her best emotional attitude, her best body, best hair and makeup, as well as the brightest smile she has ever had.  It means that every contestant has put so many resources into gaining sponsors to help cover the (super expensive) costs for their wardrobe, photoshoots, and other preparatory events.  It means that while others were at a football tailgate, she was at the gym.  When others were eating pizza, she was eating grilled chicken.  It means that each girl is knowledgeable about her current events and what is going on, not only in our country, but also throughout the world.  It means that each woman has spent countless hours on the road, attending appearances, fittings, rehearsals, coaching sessions, forums, etc. 
It means that each woman has fallen asleep each night with "pageant, pageant, pageant" in her head.
It also means that after months and months of tiresome preparation, only one girl will be the winner, but every girl will walk away from that stage as a better person.
...and I can attest to that personally.
I will step off of my soap box now
...thank ya kindly!
Miss SC USA 2011 - Courtney Turner
Small... but this is me when I competed in 2009.
My mom is coming into town and we will attend the pageant finals on Saturday night.  Super excited!

Obsessed with this Rachel Zoe Natalie Plunge Blouse

My "Casual Friday" OOTD for work
Sweater from Macy's last year, Gap "jeggings" similar, Tory Burch Reva Flats

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us.  Do you all have big plans with your families?
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I have a soft spot for pretty makeup organization.
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  1. Not silly at all to have butterflies for the girls on stage! Only those who have competed know the true commitment that goes into getting up on that stage.

  2. I love pretty make up organization too..
    however MINE is NEVER organized, and is a straight up mess.
    I don't know what it is..
    guess I'm a messy make up-er?
    Also, love the plunge blouse. Super cute!


  3. I competed for Miss SC Teen back in 2003. I had a blast preparing, and the actual pageant itself. Definitely an experience I will never forget!

  4. I grew up watching pageants and had a babysitter when I was little who won Miss SC teen '94(I just looked it up to make sure i got the title right!) So awesome that you did it!!

  5. Well I definitely have the urge to organize my make-up. I'm lucky to keep it all in a bag and not tossed about on the counter :S


  6. love the make up organization! Have a good time with your mom at the finals Sat night! :-)

  7. Wow! How neat that you competed in a looked gorgeous my dear! :)

  8. Wow, That comment on being a contestant touched my heart. I had no idea that is it so much work. BTW, you look gorgeous in that pearl dress. And Rachel Zoe Blouse it stunning!)


  9. I have been reading your blog for several months and I always thought your headshot looked so familiar! I competed in a number of pageants when I still lived in South Carolina - never the USA system but followed the happenings because one of the pageant systems I was involved with worked closely with the Camp Charleston USA girls for lots of volunteer activities! How neat! I completely agree that people often underestimate pageants and don't realize how much work the ladies put in to compete or the self confidence and life skills they can gain!

    Love the Rachel Zoe blouse and your OOTD!

  10. The pageant must have been an amazing experience. You looked absolutely gorgeous.

    Your style is fantastic - that blouse is soo pretty!

  11. I can't believe it's already been a year since the last Miss SC USA! (I went last year to cheer Val on). I saw you put my blog on your blog roll, I'm so honored! I hadn't realized you had changed your blog name, so I'm glad I know now :) I love the new look!

  12. Well, they clearly didn't get to know you well enough because you should have one on personality alone!!! You are so real. Don't ever change:)

  13. Great post! As a former pageant girl myself (Miss America system), I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on pageant stereotypes. Pageants girls always get a bad rap but we are some of the most polished girls out there! I hope you and your mom had fun! What a great girls night! And no, you are not silly for being nervous. I competed in the Miss Georgia (Miss America) Pageant five times, not counting all the preliminaries, and I STILL get nervous for the girls...even when watching the ones on TV!
    Sara @

  14. new follower here... love this post. it has definitely inspired me to re-do my bathroom makeup drawers. xx

  15. I'm always trying to find cute ways to store my makeup! I love all these options!


  16. I am a new follwer too. I love this post and the way you organized your make up. Pretty cool :)


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