Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reggae Music and Grocery Store Flowers Make Me Happy

So... I've done it.

I've survived my first week of work.  

I love it so far ...and want to thank all of you lovies for your sweet words on my "20-Something Crisis" post! I loved reading each and every comment.  It truly made me feel SO much better to be reminded that we all go through funky transitions like this. Y'all are the best!

By the way,  it's amazing how much quicker the weekends seem to go by when you work 40 hrs/week.  

Where the heck did Saturday go?  

Oh yes, we spent the WHOLE afternoon out on the river.  Being on a boat with good friends is my happy place.  Also, being on a boat until 6pm is a good way to make this gal EXHAUSTED! 

Emily, Caitlin, and me

around 6pm!

I was already tired from staying up late last night to see Mishka play at a small concert (less than 100 of us).

Mishka is a reggae musician who grew up on his parent's boat as they sailed from island to island in the Caribbean.  His music just makes you feel good! 

So there's a little tid-bit about myself.  Would you have guessed that reggae is one of my favorite music genres? 

Anyway, one of the best things about Mishka (in my opinion, at least) is that his label is owned by Matthew McConaughey! I heard that MM sometimes shows up at Mishka's gigs.  If he would've shown up last night, I probably would've fainted. 

Bless his heart, he's a homely-looking little guy, isn't he?

But he put on a great show & we had an awesome time! 

Before we went to meet up with friends at the Mishka show, Brandon and I went to O-ku for dinner.  


Dress is "T Bags" (Saks), Wedges are "Restricted"  (from small boutique)

Hope you've all had a great weekend so far!  

Please do keep my best friend, Crystal, in your prayers, as her family is suffering the loss of her precious grandmother.  

While you're at it, please, please keep my grandmother's health in your prayers, as well.  

Thank you, loves!

PS- Aren't the colors in these flowers so fun?  For years, I've told Brandon to please not worry about sending me flowers from the florist. I know he's thoughtful all the time, so I don't need flowers to prove it. Hello, there's so much else that could be bought with that money! Like a new shirt, hello!  Does anyone else feel that way about expensive florist arrangements? 
But, I will ALWAYS accept flowers from the grocery store as a little surprise here and there.  Love these bright colors! 


  1. I so agree about the weekends being much quicker once you work a regular job. It has made this whole YEAR go by insanely fast. I'm looking forward to going back to school to slow down the pace a bit! I think that's awesome you love reggae. I really enjoy Bob Marley!

  2. I feel the same way about flowers. I won't pay more than $10 for them. I got some gerbera daisies at fresh market the other day for $2 which was v exciting. -e

  3. I love grocery store flowers! Here in Miami they ship them from south america so we have some crazy looking ones that I never see anywhere else, and super cheap at publix! I have to hold myself back a lot!

  4. I love grocery store flowers too--at Harris Teeter they usually have a deal of 3 for $12 where you can get 3 little bundles for 12 bucks, I love doing that and making my own arrangement!

  5. I completely agree with the weekend going by so much faster once starting to work. I just started my first "Real" job last Monday and it seemed to make the week go by sooo slow haha!

  6. I totally agree with the flower thing. Instead of spending $90 on some roses for me to Valentine's day, buy me a new pair of Jack Rogers :-)

  7. How fun you listen to Mishka too! My husband and I love Mishka.. we even saw him in concert. Such great, relaxing music! We love reggae, even had a reggae band play at our beach wedding :)


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