Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Piperlime: 20% Everything!

I have my eyes on...

I love Piperlime because they have FREE shipping and FREE returns! 
Can't beat that ...especially with 20% off!



  1. I'm a big fan of Piperlime as well! Love those shoes...great for the summer!

  2. Ooh those shoes are HOT! Love that bag, too.

  3. Uggghh, I know...I saw this in my inbox yesterday...and then last night we sat down and did a budget. I have not even allowed myself to look because there are so many things I want on there!

  4. SO...

    I just think you should know well, LOTS of things:

    1. MY Blogger sucks and will not let me comment at my HOME laptop? WHY is Blogger stupid? Ioooono

    2. I looove that cosmetic bag...but I also appreciate the fact that someone ELSE shops for cute makeup bags ONLY to eventually gunk them up with foundation {or maybe that's just me}

    3. Buy a white watch! It's a summer necess.


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