Friday, April 8, 2011

Rant/Rave + Friday Fancies

Last night, Brandon and I went to our old favorite sushi restaurant, Wasabi.  

...which only reaffirmed our love for O-ku.  It's amazing how Wasabi used to be our favorite sushi -I mean, nothing could top it- and now it tastes like salty rubber.  

Okay, just had to throw that rant out there.  

But I'll rave about something to even things out ...

Brandon's neighbors finally took their Christmas tree down!  I thought they were just leaving it up all year, but I guess their holiday spirit has finally run out.  

Now that I've put those two matters of business out there, let's move on to Friday Fancies!

This weekend, I was supposed to go on a camping weekend in Clemson.  As y'all know, Brandon's birthday was on Tuesday and to celebrate, he has been banking on getting back to his old stomping grounds at Clemson University.  The spring game (football) is this weekend, as well as a baseball game, so it will be a fun weekend to be there.  But I have opted out of going and requested that this just be a "guys weekend."  His buddies from college are coming into town to camp, too, so truthfully, they would probably prefer me not to be there anyway. I'm not so sure that I'd be the best "camper" anyway! I cried and cried when I went to camp as a little girl, and my mom was there at camp as the art teacher! At least then I had a cabin.  Brandon probably wouldn't like to be around me if I had to get ready for a night out in a TENT!  

The main reason I chose not to go is because I am completely overwhelmed with school work.  I finish my last classes EVER in two weeks. 
Hello, where did that come from?  
Until then, I have major projects to complete.  

I need a relaxing weekend so that I will be completely ready to knock out the next two weeks.  So the best place to do that is at home with Mom and Dad. I also have a few loads of boxes to take home (I'm moving out of my Charleston apartment on May 31) that I'd like to get out of the way.  

This afternoon, I'll be making my way down I-95 and will soon be arriving at my favorite place.  I've talked about going home to Ridgeland before.  It's so quiet distractions.  Plus, I need to recharge my "Momma & Daddy" battery.

Geez, what a long intro to today's "Friday Fancies!"

Point is, I have a lot of work to catch up on tonight, so I'll be in my pajamas with my computer fixed on my lap.

...and my take on what I'd like to be wearing!

Bedhead Ruffle-Front Sleep Shirt

Oh, with a cappuccino, of course.

...and heck, while we're at it. Let's just splurge.

I'll take a piece of this, too.

Don't stare too long, your mouth might start watering. 

May as well add in a cashmere blanket. 
Don't mind the $525 price tag, this is Friday Fancies, remember?

I'll take ivory, please.

Looks like a great Friday Fancies to me!

Happy weekend, lovelies. 


  1. Haha! I LOVE the sleep shirt! Sounds like a perfect night/weekend to me! Camping isn't my thing either... : )

  2. our weekends are going to be pretty much identical! i am swamped with work and fun events for the next three weeks, so i purposefully planned NOTHING this weekend, so that i can get myself prepared for what is to come! enjoy home!

  3. I just read about O-Ku in Rachael Ray's magazine. I was bookmarking things for our visit this summer and this sounded like a cool place for drinks one night (on our 1 night out without the kiddos!).

    Are you leaving Charleston or just your current apartment? I'd be SO sad to leave there!

  4. I would love love a cashmere blanket. Sounds amazing to snuggle up to!
    Happy Friday!
    xo, kmw

  5. Loving the Cashmere! Visiting from av's link up. Have a great weekend! x

  6. Where are you moving to missy?

  7. Mm that cappuccino looks absolutely amazing. I plan on doing the same thing tonight in my bed and PJs. Love your blog!

  8. That cappuccino and blanket look so scrumptious! Everytime I visit your blog I want to take a Charleston vacation :)

  9. Hello! Visiting from av's link up. Amazing friday's fancies! Love the cashmere blanket! I am enjoying a similar weekend myself, still in pj's at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon. Now if only I could get someone to bring me that delicious looking cappuccino and piece of cake!

  10. I'll take a piece of that cake as well... yum!
    And I can't believe those people just took their tree done, how nutty!

  11. I love the Tanger outlets down south. Makes me miss my 2nd home.
    Your weekend sounded too fun. :)

  12. This was a PERFECT Friday’s Fancies post, in my opinion! I'd especially love a blanket of my own and a bite of that cake too ;) So happy to have you as a FF faithful :)

    Don't forget, this week you can get an extra entry in my {ode to France giveaway} if you post :) Hope you had a productive weekend last week--can't wait to show photos from the meet-up on Saturday! I'll be in touch soon :) xoxo {av}


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