Monday, April 11, 2011


Oh, hello this is what it feels like to be caught up on sleep. 

I went to Bluffton on Saturday with Mom.  The new Tanger Outlets recently opened and we were not going to miss out on some good shopping! These Tanger's have a Saks Off Fifth, Theory, BCBG, White House Black Market, and many other great outlets! 

I raided J Crew and bought a Michael Kors straw tote at Saks.


While we were shopping, I decided that I'm going to cut my hair.  Even though the length isn't super long, my hair just isn't agreeing.  The biotin supplements have allowed it to grow about an inch or two longer than I've been able to get it in years.  My hair is so fine that the long hair just looks stringy.  Especially when spending time outside.  I figured this out as we were shopping in the humid weather.  Every now and then, the wind would blow (and blow my hair into my lip gloss, geez!) and make my hair look like a big mess.  I think a shorter 'do would be much more appropriate for my hair-type.  It would also be easier for Summer weather! 

How short do y'all think I should go? 
hmmm... decisions, decisions!

I caught up on work on Saturday night, got a great night of sleep, and then woke up to a big breakfast on Sunday, thanks to Mom.  Wow, I love being home!  We had cinnamon rolls, eggs, sausage, and grits.  

At church, we were delighted to have a 16-year old girl there playing the harp.

This girl was ahh-mazing!  I don't think I had ever heard the harp all by itself before today.

...and since I was so impressed...

I decided that I want to hire a harpist to play at my wedding (ya know, whenever it is) as the guests are arriving in the church, or maybe during the bridesmaid's processional.  

Can't you imagine this in a big, Catholic church?


Oh, this is what I wore to church...

Tonight, I gave my car its first bath since AUGUST! Oh, I'm such a terrible mother to my car! No wonder the fuel pump broke was just mad at me for not ever giving it a bubble bath. 
I understand now. 

I also vacuumed it out and sprayed a spritz of Scentsy's "White Sands" spray. 

Here's how the company describes this scent:

Night-blooming jasmine softened by coconut milk and rice, enveloped in the gentlest breeze

It's amazing.  I just don't have words to describe how great and clean this scent is. Just one spray of it in my car makes it smell so great, without being overpowering at all.  You can use this spray in any room in your house, in your office, etc. 

If you haven't heard of Scentsy, they are amazing.  They have TONS of different scents that come in the form of bricks (that you break off and put in warmers), room sprays, scent circles, and many others!

Okay, you're just going to have to go to the website to find out more because my explaining isn't doing it justice.

Click here to go to the Scentsy website.


That's all I've got.

Happy Monday, beauties.


  1. I love the bag and outfit!! really cute!

  2. Don't you just love going home to see your family! I always feel so much better after a visit with my family! I love your yellow top and white jeans combo. I am on the hunt for the perfect white jean so any suggestions are helpful. I think the short hair is a great idea for summer. I wouldn't go too short though. I am picturing shoulder length like Gwyneth Paltrow's hair used to be.

  3. I was out at Tanger on Saturday too! Cute outfits :) -e

  4. i love your outfits. esp the first one. yellow and turquoise is my favorite color combo.

    i say you do a shoulder length bob. :)

    AND..i'm going to wash my car tonight. the last time i've done it was in October and currently it has massive amounts of pollen on it (which i'm sure will return by tomorrow) and mud stains from when it rained and i had to get my car out of a pasture. so gross. must. be. washed.

  5. LOVE Scentsy! They have such great stuff... my mom got me hooked on it last year :)

  6. Def a fan of scensy!!! I have a wall plug in in my kitchen! :)

    I wouldn't cut your hair too short--it's so lovely the way it is! :)

  7. i think a sassy chin length cut would look great!! i had my hair short for the last 4 years and finally decided to grow it out!

  8. Ohh didn't even know about the new outlets. I used to cover Bluffton when I was a pharma rep (before I had my daughter), such a beautiful area.

  9. I was going to DM you on Twitter, but I don't think you follow me (@kristenwatson) ... just wanted to say that I think it's awesome that you're Catholic! Do you go to the Cathedral? I used to be a tour guide there. I really wanted to get married there, but we couldn't because my husband isn't Catholic and was married once before. We ended up getting married at First Baptist, South of Broad, which ended up being great because I could have the six o'clock wedding I wanted but knew I couldn't have in the Catholic church! I think your choices at the Cathedral are 11 a.m. or 2 p.m.

    Anyway, you are going to be the most beautiful bride ever - no matter when or where you're married!!

  10. Oh! And I almost forgot ... about the hair cut ... I think Reese Witherspoon's long bob (I remember a picture of her in a navy blue dress at an Avon event, shortly after she got the haircut - trying to find it) would be amazing on you!

  11. I love your church outfit! Gorgeous!


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