Monday, March 7, 2011

Pageant Update, My Hair, Movie

Woo, where do I start? 

Let's begin with the pageant that took place this past weekend.

Here are some photos from my mom's camera:

getting ready for the rehearsals
My gown looks super blue in this photo, but it's more of a smokey-navy color in real life

 I got second runner-up! Of course I'm disappointed to not win the title, but I'm still so pleased and proud of myself.  It had been a year and a half since I competed in a pageant, so I was honored to be in the top five.  It was such a positive experience ...and a lot of fun!  I mean, who doesn't love to dress up in a fancy gown?

Big thanks to all of you for all of your sweet words & well wishes! The comments mean so much to me.  You are all just too sweet for words!

I'm especially loving the way my living room smells right now because of these 

Oh, and I said I'd post a photo of my hair.  This is the best lighting that I could find (in my car!)...

I just love this color! To all of you Charleston girls, let me know if you're in need of a new stylist because mine is so awesome and accommodating!

She has made me my blondest blonde, which I loved, but I'm definitely pleased with the darker, more natural color.
Clemson/Carolina game November 2009

After the pageant, I've enjoyed mexican food, french fries, white chocolate morsels, and gummy bears.  It has been amazing! Time to cut it out tomorrow ...I've had my fun!

Brandon took this photo of me in my Real Housewives of Orange County slumber last night. Notice the gummy bears and white chocolate? If you eat a gummy bear and two morsels at the same time, it's just amazing!

Speaking of candy, Brandon and I went to see "Just Go With It" yesterday afternoon.  

What a cute movie!  It has been so long since I've seen a Jenn Aniston movie that I truly enjoyed, which is disappointing because I just love her.  She and Adam Sandler are hilarious together!

Go see it! You'll be laughing the whole time least Brandon and I were!



  1. You looked beautiful!! Good job on second runner up! <3

  2. Great pics! You looked fab as always! -e-

  3. i saw just go with it and loved it as well!

    absolutely love your hair. I have to say when i first read the title of this post i thought it said "pregnant update" and I was like OMG! I have a migraine so I must be seeing funny!

  4. Whoo hoo! Good work! You looked beautiful, love that dress! Glad you had some cheat food! :)

  5. congrats!
    you looked very pretty!
    i too watched the real housewives of orange county!
    exciting season! i can not wait!!
    and i loooooove your hair =]


  6. You looked so gorgeous!! I am in love with the rehearsal dress! And I so agree about Just Go With It, I loved it and it's the first from Jenn in a while that I haven't been disappointed by! Congrats on such a high placing in the pageant!! So exciting! Virginia

  7. You looked absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on 2nd runner up!!

    And, I've really been wanting to go see that movie! Maybe my boyfriend and I can soon. :)

  8. Is that Clayton Brannon in the third pic from the top? I went to Clemson with his sister & met him through her. He is super sweet & funny! Your hair looks great btw!

  9. Congratulations!! That's so exciting :) I'm sure you're enjoying your junk food now ;) My friend did a bikini contest and ate nothing but chicken and veggies for 3 months...she was SO happy to be able to eat a cheeseburger and have a beer once she was done!!


  10. Congrats! You look stunning! And mmm... gummy bears and white chocolate, I never would have thought!

  11. Congratulations! You looked great!

  12. Congratulations child! You looked gorgeous! The new hair color looks fabulous and very soultry! That will be fun for the summer for you! SO glad that you got to pig out! I actually stayed up for the RH of OC last night too -- waaaaay past my bedtime and I am paying for it this morning shew! But FINALLY a great cast again!!!
    Way to go girlfriend!!

  13. you look gorgeous! and congrats on second runner-up! That is awesome!! I would love the name of your stylist, I have still been driving back home to Charlotte to get my hair colored because I can't find anywhere here who does a good blonde that is not too ashy!

  14. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love your dress, so chic.

  15. Congrats on being 2nd runner up!! That's awesome!! And I love your dress!!

  16. So pretty Megan!!!!! :) xoxoxo loved your dress!

  17. Way to go girl! You are so gorgeous! I love your hair color! That is the color I always ask for and I never get :( Be proud of your accomplishment! That's awesome!!!! :)

  18. You looked amazing! And congrats on 2nd runner up! I like to do pageants, too, and I'm looking forward to pageant season coming up!

  19. Aw, yay! Congrats, gf!! I tried replying to your comment yesterday to realize that it was a no-reply comment! I wrote you this long letter! lol. anyway, love to darker locks! My hair isn't quite that natural yet, but I'm on my way there! I'll have to post some pic's! You look GORGEOUS in your gowns!!!


  20. Hi, Megan - I found your blog through Christina Orso's blog. You are so cute, and I love your hair color - do you mind sharing your stylist?? I live in Charleston and would love to have someone awesome to go to!
    Lauren Spears


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