Thursday, March 3, 2011

...just some things that are on my mind

Sorry my posts have been far and few between lately. I have been so busy with life in general, especially with my new modeling jobs and the Miss Charleston USA pageant coming up this weekend!

I've been waking up earlier than normal to get a run in before I shower in the mornings. By the time I work, have class, go back to the gym for whatever class happens to be that evening, get home, call my Mother, cook dinner, and do other needed tasks, there has been no time left for blogging! Brandon is not a happy camper because I have not been able to go out to eat at our weekly restaurants, plus he has not gotten his preferred dose of Megan lately, either.  Sorry!

But I found a little time today to say hello to all of you, so I definitely wanted to take advantage!


I got my first spray tan yesterday.  I want to look sun kissed for my pageant, of course.  She finished and I said, "Is this it? This is how dark I will be?" I didn't see a huge change in my skin color.

She explained that the color I saw was the bronzers that will wash off the next day, not the actual tan itself.  The DHA in the tanning solution takes up to 48 hours to develop into the proteins in your skin.  (That is what gets you tan.)

But I assumed that the bronzers were a good guide as to the intensity my tan would have.

(Keep in mind that the stage lights drown your coloring out a bit)

I was definitely tanner, but I knew I'd still look a little pale on stage.  So she said, "Okay, just for you, I'll do an extra treatment called "extra dark."  

The name of said treatment was a little frightening.  She then proceeded to tell me that she uses this mixture on body builders. EEEK!

She told me that this tan has extra bronzers in it, so I will immediately look a bit scary, but it would wash off the next morning in my shower.  

Was she ever right! Seeing myself so .... so....bronzed was terrifying.  I seriously looked the way that Snooki WISHES she looked.

I knew that it would wash off, revealing a natural tan, but that didn't change the fact that I had to walk half a mile down a busy Charleston street to get to my car.  I had forgotten my sunglasses in my car, so my face would be completely exposed to all of the pedestrians ...and I knew I would scare them ...badly.

random image I found on google images... similar to how I felt that I looked!

I am still thanking the good Lord in Heaven that I happened to stick my umbrella in my bag yesterday. So I pulled it out and hit underneath it's shade on my walk back to the car.  

So I'm sure you are all wondering what I look like now.

The bronzers washed off this morning in my shower and revealed an even tan.  It looks very natural, not orange at all, and I'm very pleased!  

What a relief. 


Today, I got my hair done! 

I've been gradually getting a little darker each time I leave my stylist.  I want to get closer to my natural color, and less all over, bright blonde.

It was a success! A little bit like Jen Aniston meets Cameron Diaz.  Hard to explain. I will post a picture asap.  

Sorry this is a rather boring post, ladies. I will get back to normal posts next week ...count on it!



  1. I just got my first spray tan last month and another one this month and I'll get another next week (for wedding stuff). I've found that my tan looks the best on the 3-4 day. My tan lady uses the bronzer too in the mix.

  2. This reminded me of that scene in Bride wars, I bet you were not that orange!! Can't wait to see hair and tan pics! I am getting my hair done next week for the first time in 6 months! I need inspiration because I have no idea what I am going to do!!

  3. You are too funny! The last time I got a spray tan I was not so pleased with it. I didn't feel much all. And then it peeled right off within five days. AND I had exfoliated right before! I do not want to go to a tanning bed and have been slipping on some Fake Bake before bed at night, but this face is still PALE!! Have fun this weekend!!

  4. Haha I was picturing you dodging people trying to get to your car as quickly as possible. Good luck in the pageant this w/e!! :) -e

  5. from a fellow pageant of luck this weekend! sparkle and shine :) you'll be fabulous..can't wait to read about it!!

  6. I've never spray tanned (and I'm currently the shade of college rule loose leaf paper). I know I need to get this done before I hit the beach this summer. Seriously. I will blind people if I don't.

  7. Good Luck this weekend, doll! & maybe post some pic's from your pageant! I'd love to see what you wear :)


  8. Good luck at your pageant this weekend!! Your post makes me want to get a spray tan now!

  9. I've never done the spray tan :( I still do the evil tan once a week in a bed :(

  10. I am so glad you didnt end up looking like snooki. That would be horrible

  11. I also do the spray tan (Versa Spa) The very first time I had it done was for a girlfriends wedding...I have been hooked on them ever since! It does show up best the very next day because it has to absorb to your pigment in your skin!! Goodluck GOOODLUCK (cheerleading days chant) at your pagent! GET THAT TITLE girrrrl.

  12. I have been looking for a place to get spray tanned for a decent price around Charleston, I know there are a few places in Mt. P but I'm thinking of trying a place on Daniel Island. Where did you go?

  13. You must have gone to the same place I went before my wedding (a studio on Broad St, I think?). I looked totally ridiculous with all of the bronzer, but when I showered it looked perfect! And the tanner smelled SO much better than other ones I've used.

  14. best of luck to you this weekend, pretty lady! I know you're going to rock it!!! loved the spray tan seriously crack me up ;) I've been too scared to try it, but I think it's about time! let us know how it goes--saying a prayer for ya! xoxo {av}

  15. You got Snooki-ifed! Glad it washed off. Best of luck at the pageant!

  16. I want to see your hair asap! I only trust my aunt doing mine from now on, but shes in it would be great to find someone in Charleston!!

  17. I just found your blog and became your newest follower! :) Love your blog!


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