Wednesday, November 3, 2010

yoga girl wants chicken salad

Brandon and I had takeout delivered for dinner Sunday night. 
I had nothing to cook at my place and we I didn't feel like getting dressed to go to a restaurant because I was in my sweats from studying all day.
I'm sure I looked as if I had just seen the real deal Santa Claus when I remembered that one of our favorite restaurants delivers.
The Kickin' Chicken

This restaurant is nothing fancy, as you can probably tell from its name.
I think it's a chain, but I haven't seen it in places other than Charleston.
It's where we go when we want a causal atmosphere and the greasiest, most delicious food ever. 
I usually order the same thing every time but decided to try their chicken salad wrap that night.
This isn't KC's wrap, but I wanted y'all to have a visual!

 Well since that night, I've been craaaving chicken salad!
I went to the store to look for a good chicken salad the next night and had Brandon take me back to Kickin' Chicken last night so that I could get another wrap. 
I even saved half of my wrap from last night & had it as brunch this morning.
mmm, I just can't get enough!

As I sit here with Sex & the City 2 playing in the background for the 18th time and as I'm looking at the murky water in the vase of flowers Brandon gave me last Thursday, I can't help but be reminded about my aching knee.
I hurt it in yoga yesterday. 
How did I do that?
I didn't know that yoga provided a high risk of injury, but I managed to hurt myself. 
 Aside from this little injury, I have to tell y'all how much I LOVE the practice of yoga.

I only do it twice a week, but would very much like to add more days into the mix.
It makes you feel so good, and I can definitely feel a difference in my body & soul if I miss a class.
Don't get me wrong, I don't do hardly any advanced positions...
...unlike this man

But I love all of the benefits I've experienced.
The benefits of yoga are a mile-long, but some that I've recognized in my body are:
Increased flexibility
Increased endurance
Improved posture
Better balance
More arm strength & definition
Improved mood and self-actualization
Decreased stress and anxiety
Improved concentration

I've definitely experienced these results from yoga and can't wait to amp up my yoga practice to keep these benefits coming! 
A 105 year old woman on The Today Show said her secret to living a long life is practicing yoga.
I recommend that all of you find a good class in your area.
With all of these added advantages, we might, too, live long lives and be able to do yoga when we're old women!



  1. i LOVE the kickin' chicken. i eat there every time i'm in charleston. i wish they had one up in these 'neck of the woods.

  2. Love practicing yoga... wish I could do it everyday. Hope your knee gets better soon. xo

  3. on tusdays, kickin chicken has some 2 for $10 special! you should check it out :)

  4. Funny you mention that because we go most every Tuesday! Can't beat the deal!

    Thanks Cindy! My knee is feeling better already.


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