Friday, November 19, 2010

The Fake Housewives of Beverly Hills

 I love these ladies!
I will say that my favorite housewives are the women of Orange County, but that's probably because they were the first and I am, well, very loyal. 
I do enjoy watching the Real Housewives of NYC
....but boy, do I loooove the Beverly Hills cast!

Kelly Ripa put it well when speaking of these ladies last night.
She said that what sets the Beverly Hills women apart from the other housewives, is that they actually have money. 
You know, as opposed to pretending like the do, but really being in debt up to their eyeballs.
(Like Teresa from the New Jersey cast!)

They are an entertaining group, without being too catty (as of yet, anyway).
One thing is for sure, they've had their fair share of work done.

Taken from, I give you the before and afters.

1. Lisa VanderPump

2. Adrienne Maloof 
(Okay, her husband is a plastic surgeon, so it looks to me like she had work done in the "before" picture, too)

3. Camille Grammer

4.  Kim Richards

 5. Kyle Richards

 6. Taylor Armstrong

 ...but you know, a little nip there and a little tuck there is par for the course in the Hills.

Watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Thursdays at 10pm est.

We made it to Friday!


  1. Real Housewives of OC was my favorite too but I am LOVING Beverly Hills.. I think it'll top them by the end of the season :) and yes, totally agree with the fact that they actually have money. Those houses are amazeballs!

  2. I love LOVE the Orange County Housewives...Your sooo right...I am loyal and they WERE the first ones. I like New Jersey and Beverly Hills too though and I HATE New York and Atlanta!! The BH ladies have got the moolah FOR SURE!!

  3. I love the BH cast. my faves are Lisa and Kyle. And my favorite cast is the OC one too...but they keep changing the ladies up. I love watching ALL the cities though...except for DC. I never really got into that one.

  4. Loving the new look of the blog! & I love watching all of the different housewives!
    P.s. I bought the Revlon Grey Suede nail polish yesterday (finally!) and just love it! Great recommendation!

  5. i love this season too!!!! Kyle is definitely my favorite. She's TOTALLY sassy!

  6. I'm loving this show!! I usually only watch RHOC but I decided to tune into these ladies and got hooked! I hate the way Kim & Kyle are always bickering. It's major annoying! Adrienne has had WAY too much plastic surgery as has Taylor. Camille annoys me the most. She wants out of Kelsey's shadow but all she ever does is talk about him.. and her voice drives me insane!

  7. This is my favorite cast! I think my favorite is Kyle but I really like them all.


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