Thursday, November 18, 2010

...because we all love a good deal ( Coupon Code) has got to be the best deal around, aside from Groupon which I love.

Type in your zip code, and the site shows restaurants in your area. 
Then, you have the option to buy a gift card to any featured restaurant for a discounted price.
For example, you can get a $50 gift card for $30,
or a $25 gift card for $15. 

But wait, it get's better.

During the month of November, if you use the coupon code, GIVE, you get 80% off.

So let's say I go to, find my favorite restaurant, and choose to buy a $25 gift card for $15. 
I type in GIVE into the promotional code box...
and boom! I get the $25 gift card for $3.
Three dollars!

Then you can print out your gift certificate and dine at that restaurant just minutes later! 

This makes for one very happy Megan.


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