Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap!

I went to Clemson this past weekend to visit friends & watch the Clemson/Miami game.
It was such a great time!
Brandon had to do working-man things, so he wasn't able to go with me.
I just love Clemson & regret so much that I didn't chose to go to school there.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.


It was an amazingly beautiful day here in Charleston today.
I think my car thermometer said 64 degrees at 11am, so I got to wear long sleeves for the first time this Fall!
...& to make this day even better, Brandon got off work at 3pm!
So we hopped in the car & rode out to Folly Beach for a walk.

Walking on the beach with a cool breeze (& cappuccinos in hand) was so wonderful.
It reminded us of the song "Free" by the Zac Brown Band.
I'm not the biggest Zac Brown fan, but this particular song is so pretty.
"...We'll end up hand in hand
Somewhere down on the sand
Just Me and you

Just as free
Free as we'll ever be
Just as free
Free as we'll ever be"

Before I go...
My sweet grandmother has a doctor's appointment at MUSC tomorrow.
She has been sick off & on for well over a year now & the doctors can't find an explanation.
Please keep her in your thoughts & say a prayer that the MUSC docs can figure out what's wrong & what will make her healthy & strong again!
Thank you!!



  1. Thoughts and Prayers your way! I love Charleston this time of year, it's so beautiful!

  2. I LOVEEEEEEEE this song you posted. Def my fave by this group.

  3. Y'all are too cute! I wish we could have hung out the other weekend in Charleston! Some other time hopefully! :)

  4. Cute blog!Love the pictures. Charleston is one of my favorite places in the world. Clemson is not... I'm a Gamecock girl!

  5. just came across your blog and i love it!


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