Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reasons I love Kate Hudson: A Photo Montage

  She's adventurous...

She's effortlessly beautiful.

She's a good mommy!

She's a friend and client of Rachel Zoe.

She has worked with Matthew McConaughey multiple times. 
I love, love, love him!

Her look is always so unpredictable. day she might look gorgeous in bohemian outfits like this:

and the next, she'll look like this:

...and mainly, she just seems like such a fun person!

Ahh... I just love her.
Maybe I'll come back in another life as Kate Hudson.
I'll stop now.



  1. Hello! Just found your blog and I wanted to stop by and say it's lovely! Love the post about Kate. She's just so free spirited, fun and spontaneous. Wish I was a little bit more like that...Ugh! Oh.... and Kate has this amazing voice! I'm your newest follower :)

  2. Great pictures of Kate.. my fave movie is definitely how to lose a guy in ten days :) She's so talented as an actress. I love how she totally thinks of Kurt Russell as her dad too.

  3. Such a FUN post! I love Kate, too. Great job posting about her!


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