Friday, September 24, 2010

Headache Relief

I used to get the most terrible migraine headaches, but as I got older, they grew far and few between. 
I remember telling someone last week that I hadn't experienced a headache in a very long time.
I spoke too soon.

This week, as I've been on my health kick, I decided to give up Diet Coke. 
I should have known better.

When I tried this on Monday, I made it until about 3pm.  
Then the caffeine withdrawals set in.

I knew I could relieve this headache by drinking some caffeine, but I didn't want to give in.
I could have taken some Advil, but I really don't like taking those pills.
I thought I could take a nap and sleep it off.
...but it was so bad that I couldn't even fall asleep.

Lucky for me, I have a boyfriend who has a very smart mommy!
She made a headache/achy muscle reliever, also known as, "The Rice Bag."

Hello, rice bag.

All you need is a long, thick sock, some rice, and a microwave!
Put enough rice in the sock so that it is heavy and weighted, but is still movable. 
(You don't want the sock to be packed stiff with rice.)
You'll want the this rice bag, after it is filled, to be at least 14 inches long.
Tie the end in a tight knot. 
Heat this bad boy in the microwave for a minute or two. 
Put it on the back of your neck, as you would do with one of those travel/airplane pillows.
& there you have it ... your headache's saving grace! 

This is the only thing that made my headache feel better. 

At 6pm, I gave in and had a diet coke. The caffeine didn't help my headache.
At 7pm, I had two Tylenol. Didn't help either.

Brandon remembered he had one of these bags at about 9pm.
I felt immediate relief! 
You could also put some lavender or other herbs/oils in the bag, along with the rice, for a nice fragrance.
This feels great on the lower back, as well!
As for the Diet Coke...'s already back in my life. 
Maybe next week.


  1. You poor thing! I have done this time and time again and ALWAYS go back to my diet coke. It's an addiction, I tell you! I will have to try the homemade rice bag.. that looks so relaxing.

  2. Love your blog, Im a new finder :) Thanks for the headache tip. I am actually copying this to send to my cousin as we speak :)


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