Sunday, September 26, 2010

A few random thoughts!

What do y'all think Rihanna's red hair?

In my opinion, Rihanna can do whatever she wants to her hair and she will still look fabulous.

Wonder what I would look like with red hair like that?
Yikes! I'll leave this hair color to the Little Mermaid and Rihanna!


I bought a new nail polish today!
I've really been loving more neutral takes on an edgy color. 
Grey-toned nail colors are definitely becoming the new neutral. 
(You all might know from my recent post that I love Revlon's "Grey Suede")

I've found another neutral grey that I love! 
Essie's "Chinchilly"

This one is more bold than "Grey Suede," but still toned down enough so that it's not too much for the workplace. It's also more grey than the more beige tones in "Grey Suede."
This is not the best lighting ... sorry!
I really love it! What do y'all think?

ps. this is what happens to me when I'm let loose in Ulta's nail polish section:
The signs that say "Don't open nail polish" apparently don't apply to me. I can't help it!

This weekend flew by all too quickly.
On Friday night, a group of friends and I went to Red's Icehouse, a local seafood restaurant.
Six of us out of this picture went to high school together! 
We are all living in the same town now & I think it's so great that we've remained close.

Almost every time I've been to Red's, I've seen this dog named Nigel. 
I can't remember what his breed is, but he might be part dinosaur. 
Here is a goofy picture that Brandon took with him.
(Brandon thinks he is funny!)
He looks smaller in this picture than in real life, I promise!

While I was searching for his breed on Google, I found some pictures of some HUGE dogs!
They even make Nigel look like a little puppy! 

Well, that's just my two cents for today!
Hope everyone has a great night.



  1. I just bought Rimmel's Grey Matter and I love it!

  2. Nigel is a mastiff & Ashton and I were in the same sorority! Small world.

  3. haha I was just reading through this and saw that you tried on all those nail polishes in Ulta. I will NEVER ever do that ever again! one time my sister and I were in Ulta and I tried on three colors on my nails and this snotty lady went and told the manager. long story short the manager demanded to see my nails and pick out what colors I had tried on and was going to force me to buy the polishes and call the cops. I def refused and told her she was ridiculous if she thought she could force me to buy something and walked out. If you think about it it is pretty gross that customers try on nail polishes (and sometimes get caught and other times get away haha) but isn't it the same thing as going to a nail salon? either way, I learned my lesson the hard and humiliating way! :(

  4. My favorite Fall polish so far has been Chanel's Particuliere ... it's a gorgeous "greige." :)


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