Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nice to meet ya!

Hello! I'm new to the blogging world. Actually, I've wanted to start one for a while but wasn't sure what my main subject of conversation would be. (Thoughts to self: I don't have kids. I'm not a newlywed or recently engaged. I don't have any pets. Hmmm....)

One thing I do have, though, is a love for fashion, beauty, food, family, friends, my boyfriend ...which all amount to blog-worthy subjects! At least I hope so. So here I am to dish about my random thoughts and daily adventures.

I'll start by telling you all a bit about myself:
The name is Megan. I'm a South Carolina gal, finishing my last year of school in Charleston. I have a wonderful family, the best girlfriends, and a boyfriend, Brandon, whom I've dated on & off for about eight years.

I've competed in a few pageants, including the Miss South Carolina USA pageant. I like fashion designing and interior decorating. I'm dying for one of those nice digital SLR cameras to capture all of the memories I'm making (Well, my cameras usually end up in the sand at the beach or dunked in water somehow, so it might be best that I don't have one of those). I'm dying for that and a particular Louis Vuitton bag ...just sayin' (hint hint Brandon). You'll learn more about me as we go.

One last thing for tonight! I purchased a great new nail polish color today. I get tired of the summer corals and pinks all too quickly. It's Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure in "Commander in Chic."  It's the new "Greige" color you're seeing in current magazines. I've never purchased this brand of polish before's great!  Sally's polish is shiny, even without a top coat.  Plus, the brush is flat, which makes it so easy to paint your own nails (something I have major difficulties with). I'll probably go back to a summer color in a few days, but here's to switching it up a bit!

Y'all have a great night!

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