Tuesday, December 10, 2013

gift guide // for the fancy friend


If you're searching for a unique gift that you want to make a statement and be remembered, any of these will do.  For one of those days when all that needs to be carried is lipstick, a wallet, phone, and keys, this baguette handbag would be perfect. As for the Big Book of Chic - seriously, who could possibly complain about receiving this one? Everything you could possibly need to officially become a wine-o is in this wine service set - the only thing it's missing is the booze!  For that sweet southern belle, monogram studs might be just the ticket -and for such a good price!  This iPhone case is made of real, natural gemstones. Need I say more?  And these monogrammed towels... nothing is better than a new set of crisp, clean white towels.  Especially with a monogram.  You've got to click in to see this lotus bib necklace a little closer.  It's to die for! Finally, this brush set would make any woman happy... it is Dior after all.  And thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, we are all reminded of how important Dior is. 


  1. Love them all. I've been wanting that turquoise iPhone cover.

  2. I would certainly take any of those items on the list and would love to be able to give all those gifts to friends! Wonderful list!! Happy Tuesday!

  3. I love these gold studs - so classic and elegant. I could see myself wearing them constantly. And the Dior brush set? Who would say no to Dior? Love the selection, thanks for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous gift ideas! Thank you for sharing these beauties with us!




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