Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday {Bridesmaid Dresses!}

Hello pretties!
It's no secret that I've been dreaming of my wedding since I was a little girl.  Ok, not dreaming ...planning.  Never once was it in the plans to have bright bridesmaid dresses.  Years and years ago, I wanted their dresses to be black.  Imagine a 10 year old girl wanting black bridesmaid dresses ...why not bright yellow or pink?  I meant business.
I continued wanting the black dresses until about two years ago, when Brandon and I started thinking more seriously about getting married and spending our lives together.  At that time, I was set on champagne dresses.  So soft and romantic.  That is, until about two weeks before my appointment with my bridesmaids at Bella Bridesmaid.  Suddenly, I wanted BLUSH!  Now that's soft and romantic.
I've really never been a pink lover.  Of course I'm very feminine and girly, it's just that I've never been wild about the color.  But blush is neutral and definitely not too pink.  I think it has the perfect mix of class, sophistication, and femininity.
What do you think?  

Now for the dress...
I thought I wanted all of my gals to have different dresses, but same color.  Again, suddenly before our bridesmaid dress appointment, I changed my mind.  (I do that a lot.)  I then realized, after talking with Brandon and some others, that our wedding is going to be very formal and each girl having the same dress sticks with that trend. 

I have always been sold on silk chiffon.  I mean, you have seen "My Best Friend's Girl," right?
(Kate Hudson.  That chiffon gown.  Come on, people.)

Are you still with me?
What does blush + silk chiffon equal?
One word... Amsale

When my bridesmaids and I went to our appointment at Bella Bridesmaid, I walked straight to the Amsale rack with Allison, the stylist/sales person extraordinaire.  She pulled three dresses and picked some of my girls to try them on.  Without any ounce of doubt, we all unanimously picked the winner.

It seriously took us ten minutes from the time we entered the store to the time she began to take measurements. Who knew we were so decisive??

Finding THE dresses, as in my dress and my bridesmaid's dress, was so much easier than I could've ever expected.  I mean, when you got it, you got it ...and I've got some gorgeous bridesmaids that would look awesome in paper bags.  Thankfully, they preferred an Amsale silk chiffon dress instead.  ;)



  1. Gorgeous! I plan my "wedding" constantly (mostly due to pinterest), but I always go back to blush. It is romantic and the perfect color, in my opinion.

  2. I think blush is the perfect color for a southern wedding as elegant as yours will be. Amsale can also do no wrong in my book.

  3. SOoo beautiful, the color is so lovely and delicate!!

  4. Gorgeous color and perfect for the time of year you're getting married. You're so lucky it was so easy to pick out a dress! We had quite the time finding something that would flatter everyone and that didn't break the bank (I had lots of teachers as my maids). I love Amsale dresses and may be partial to Amsale because my wedding dress was an Amsale. :)

  5. Just celebrated my 21st anniversary... I had black bridesmaid's dresses with blush roses .. My dress was white chiffon. My mother's dress was blush chiffon. I look back now, and nothing looks dated... still very current! Great choices.. black or blush or the combo!

  6. I can't wait to see how gorgeous these dresses will be! I am in a wedding in august and have to a champagne dress of my choosing. That is actually harder to find than you might think! I know that you and your bridesmaids are glad that decision is made!

  7. My wedding colors were champagne and blush. I absolutely love how it turned out! The bridesmaid dresses I chose ended up being in champagne chiffon because it did not come in the right color blush in that particular style we chose.

  8. Love love love Amsale and of course, the color choice! I wore an Amsale bridesmaid dress in May 2011 (also from Bella Bridesmaid) and it is my all time favorite bridesmaid dress. Everyone looked flawless in them.

  9. How exciting! I'm pretty sure that pink lou lou just wore a blush dress by this designer ( because I fell in love with it and was crazy enough to contemplate just buying it for the next wedding I have to go to!

  10. Blush will be beautiful...and all I can keep thinking about is steel magnolias...Shelby: "My colors are blush and bashful, I have chosen two shades of pink, one is much deeper than the other." Love that sweet southern movie...

  11. Love that color! In the 3rd picture down is that Tia/Tamara? haha

  12. Love the color... really wanted to use it for my wedding, but there were a couple of bridesmaids that i couldn't decide if the color would look right on. In hindsight I wish I would have chosen it because now that I've seen it done more, I think it is pretty flattering on everyone. My sister-in-law just wore one in blush in a similar style to the photos shown and the fit/color was flattering on everyone. I did go with an Amsale bridesmaid gown in another pale color and thought the dresses were beautiful.


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