Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Our Band!

Choosing our band was the easiest (and first!) decision we made in our wedding planning process. 
A couple years ago, my family went to one of our dear friend's wedding. We LOVED the band so much that we rarely left the dance floor!
Doesn't my dad have some great moves?

So when the time came for Brandon and I to pick our band, we knew right away that we wanted the same band we enjoyed so much that night...

The Mighty Kicks!

Taken from their bio:
With their non-stop choreography, non-stop music, and non-stop energy, the
Mighty Kicks! have earned their place among the top echelon of entertainment
in the southeast and beyond. Known as the hardest working band in showbusiness,
the Mighty Kicks! will ensure that you absolutely have the best event

If you're new to my blog, we've also chosen our photographer and our venues.  Plus, I was able to design my own wedding gown!


  1. I LOVE the mighty kicks!! They were already booked when we started looking,but got one very similar and had the BEST time! They definitely know how to make a wedding FUN!

  2. Great choice! They are a blast!!

  3. We cannot wait to boogie with them again on your big day!!! :)


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